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  • FutureLab 2016

    For the sixth consecutive year, the oikos community is gathering in St. Gallen, Switzerland for the FutureLab 2016 to pursue the implementation of our mission: integrating more sustainability in economics and management education. Whilst many understand and talk about the struggle of our educational systems to integrate sustainability and teach for its internalisation, we at times cease to couple the talk with the walk. A gap can be observed both in the struggle to teach for sustainable change agents and for inciting people to walk their talk in implementing projects that can bring about transformation. Do you believe in this need too? Are you involved in executing such a project? Then, get ready: From November 6th to 9th at the FutureLab 2016, we are going to #WalkTheTalk by empowering and inspiring each other to advance our actions and close educational gaps.

    In order to achieve this aim, the FutureLab 2016 is a journey that starts the minute you apply to take part in it and continues for the months succeeding the gathering. The journey varies according to participants' passions and their current involvement in an activity in line with the FutureLab's aim. Each journey is an experience to share, reflect, cultivate and re-think one's current endeavours or ambitions in the field of education. Journeys will start by being part of a Learning Circle and engaging in regular cross-chapter actions with multiple stakeholders prior to the FutureLab. The conference will then act as a platform to share, be enriched and achieve lasting impact with commitment.

    As we ensure that we walk all throughout, the environment of the FutureLab is one where:

    • The main gaps in management and economics education are unravelled in order to comprehend where we can tackle them most effectively;
    • Listening to examples where individuals have had positive impact by standing up and walking the talk, will allow to be inspired;
    • Students, faculty and partners connect, share and collaborate on projects that address the gap and that they are committed to executing;
    • Stakeholders from around the world can interact with the present participants and let their thoughts be heard allowing to increase the diversity and interdisciplinarity in our conversations and development of solutions;
    • oikos Learning Circles are core to the development of projects in different disciplines so that participants can pursue closing the gap in the discipline they are most passionate about.

    Following the path we walk on, all stakeholders invested in projects that are addressing the exposed gap, are invited to participate. Whether we are referring to students who wish to comprehend other stakeholders' views on local projects, or faculty members who struggle to overcome barriers within their institutions to adopt projects, participants will inspire each other to move further, stay committed and pursue the difference they can make. Similarly, oikos alumni, advisors, partners and other practitioners will join to contribute to enabling actions via their distinct approaches.

    The FutureLab 2016 is a central gathering of the #WalkTheTalk journey that is based on the understanding that to close the educational gap we require collective and committed action. Since everyone has a role to play in closing educational gaps, diverse and striving individuals will collaborate and advance their actions. With #WalkTheTalk we will create ripples that inform, involve and make a difference.

  • *Preliminary programme, subject to change

    Sunday, 6 November 2016
    14.30-20.30Check-in for student members at the Hotel one66
    15.00-18.00Legislative Meeting
    21.00-22.00Optional Learning Circles Meetings
    Monday, 7 November 2016
    09.00-10.00Parallel Meetings
    09.00-10.00     Members Meeting
    09.00-10.00     Alumni Meeting
    09.00-10.30     Partners Meeting
    09.00-10.30     Faculty Meeting
    09.00-10.30     Advisors Meeting
    11.00-12.30Walk the Talk
    In this session a keynote speaker will address the challenge of integrating sustainability in education. The speaker will inspire the audience to continue walking his/her talk and share his/her stories and achievements as he/she walked the talk.
    Speaker: TBC
    These workshops tackle challenges related to current megatrends. Workshop leaders from varied fields will give an insight into how education and knowledge can help participants #WalkTheTalk.
    Topic: Climate Change

    Facilitator: Dominik Moesching, Project Manager, myclimate
    Topic: Culture of Knowledge and Individualisation

    Facilitator: Dr. Björn Müller, co-founder, Stride
    Topic: Digital Economy

    Facilitator: Matthias Stürmer, Head of Research Unit - Digital Sustainability, University of Bern
    Topic: Working with Purpose

    Facilitators: Antje von Dewitz, CEO, Vaude & Lissi Reitschuster, Founder & CEO, manemo eG
    Topic: Urbanisation

    Facilitator: TBC
    16.30-18.00Panel Discussion
    Workshop Leaders will participate together with the participants in a lively discussion
    Participants reflect on the day
    Tuesday, 8 November 2016
    08.00-09.00Impact Journey
    Participants make the journey, in couples, from their accommodation to the venue whilst exploring and exchanging personal visions of sustainability and education.
    09.00-10.00Call to Walk the Talk
    We will kick-start the day ahead and call the participants to #WalkTheTalk
    Speaker: Meagan Fallone, CEO, Barefoot College International
    10.30-12.30Learning Circle Sessions
    In their groups, Learning Circles develop impactful initiatives
    14.00-15.30Learning Circle Sessions
    In their groups, Learning Circles develop impactful initiatives
    16.00-17.00Impact Fair
    Participants share and present inspiring projects from around the world.
    17.00-18.00Open Space
    Participants discuss ideas, reflect and continue designing initiatives to pursue with other stakeholders in the oikos community.
    Participants' commitments to #WalkTheTalk
    18.30- 19.00Wrap-up
    19.00- 24.00Dinner & Party

  • Our confirmed speakers so far:

    Dr. Antje von Dewitz, CEO, VAUDE

    Antje_von_Dewitz_vaude_07Dr. Antje von Dewitz CEO of VAUDE, Outdoor Outfitter based in Germany. There are many global challenges that often have alarming effects, such as the constantly growing gap between the rich and the poor, global warming, pollution, the exploitation of human beings in countries of production. At the same time, I have observed a strong anti-globalisation sentiment in this country, which in turn induces fear of strangers. We should all be aware that the prices we pay for products as consumers often do not truly reflect their real costs; the true costs are often born by the people in production countries or by all of us due to serious environmental damage.


    How does she #WalktheTalk?

    All of this has motivated me to work for sustainable development. That is my reason to #WalkTheTalk. Our common goal should be: an economy that genuinely takes responsibility for all its actions – in partnership with man and nature.”

    About VAUDE:

    VAUDE makes functional and innovative products for mountain and biking sports activities. As a sustainable and innovative outdoor outfitter, VAUDE is contributing to making the world a better place so that the people of tomorrow can enjoy nature with a clean conscience. In doing so, the family-owned company sets ecological and social standards worldwide. VAUDE (pronounced [fau’de]) stands for environmentally-friendly products made from fair manufacturing. At the company headquarters near the southern German town of Tettnang, the company employs approximately 500 people.

    Dr. Björn Müller, Co-Founder, Stride

    _MG_0395_crop (1)Collaborative innovation and learning is what I do, facilitate, teach and research. Creativity happens on the fringe, in-between disciplines, people and things. So I don’t like boxes. And I’m also not easily boxed. I am many, and I enjoy and seek transdisciplinary work and projects between business, art, education and research.

    My different roles and projects are clustered around St. Gallen and Zürich. In Zürich, I’m collaborating with the Impact Hub Zürich. As an associate team member, I co-founded two ventures: 1) STRIDE – an unSchool for Entrepreneurial Leadership; 2) BEAM, an up-and- coming think tank, realizing innovative knowledge communication formats around the future of work and organization. Then I hold various roles at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). There I act as adjunct researcher and lecturer at the Research Institute for Organizational Psychology, and I support my colleagues from the

    Executive School in executive teaching and training on leadership and personal development. Within higher education, I teach two different courses on „creative collaboration,“ working transdisciplinary with artists and practitioners. My main research areas are Organizational Creativity, Critical Innovation Studies, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and Management Education. I have several years of work experience both as academic as well as consultant, coach and trainer. At the University of St. Gallen, I was lecturing, doing organizational development projects and I headed the university’s Psychological Counseling Service. For the latter role, I counseled and coached over 300 clients (students and staff) in the last 6 years. After having studied psychology in Freiburg (Germany), I received my Ph.D. at the University of St. Gallen with a thesis on “organizational creativity.” I had professional training within experiential pedagogy as well as solution-oriented and resource-based coaching, therapy and group facilitation approaches.

    About Stride:

    We live in a world that works very well for a lucky few, and badly for most others. Including nature. Even within countries supposedly “rich”, more and more people are unhappy (think depression, addiction, stress and the like). We fundamentally believe that people, if they are free, want to contribute to the greater good through their lives (naturally, this includes themselves). A problem is that the current learning world does not enable people to create. This is where STRIDE comes in. It is our mission to equip people to shape their own meaningful career. As a "career" meaning the totality of time dedicated to creating value (paid and unpaid). STRIDE wants to enable people to “do the right things”, and not just “do things right”.

    Learning is the one thing that everybody in this world does. Now just imagine. Just imagine learning to really empower the individual to do something greater. The potential… STRIDE is part of a global educational revolution in learning. A global educational revolution that brings learning back to where it is supposed to be: enable A Learning World that Works for All.

    Dominik Mösching, Project Manager, myclimate

    dominik-moesching-foto (1)Dominik Mösching develops and manages educational projects at the Swiss non-profit myclimate and directs "Youth Encounter on Sustainability YES". YES is an impact lab program and community for graduate students and young professionals from all disciplines and countries (yes.myclimate.org). He graduated 2009 in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Zürich and is currently enrolled as PhD student in "Organization and Culture" at the University of St. Gallen, following coffee practices along commercial networks in Colombia and Switzerland. He is member of the ProDoc Graduate Program "The Dynamics of Transcultural Governance and Management in Latin America". His research interests include global-local interactions, organization, participation, education and knowledge.

    About myclimate & YES:

    myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally. The Swiss Non-Profit Organisation wants to shape the future together with its partners through consultation, education and climate protection projects. myclimate pursues this as a science-based and business-orientated non-profit organisation.

    Making sustainability work: Youth Encounter on Sustainability YES are unique hands-on impact labs for students and young professionals from all fields and countries. YES is dedicated to build global partnerships of change agents and institutions, and to leave a local impact behind.

    Lissi Reitschuster, Founder & CEO, manemo eG

    lissiLissi Reitschuster is Founder and CEO of MANEMO eG - Akademie für nachhaltige Entwicklung von Mensch und Ökonomie (Acadamy for Sustainable Development of People and Economy). The Cooperative offers Consulting, Training and Coaching for individuals and companies regarding all aspects of sustainable development.
    In founding MANEMO Lissi Reitschuster #WalkedTheTalk and integrated the two worlds in which she used to live. From her family upbringing she was used to a sustainable, conscious and a somehow hippie lifestyle as well as to entrepreneurship, using the example of her parents. At school and university as well as from her employers she learned that the world needs competition and that it is necessary to perform in order to be successful. Luckily, the Megatrend of Sustainability opened up new possibilities and the chance to shape a new economic understanding and innovative management methods with her clients aiming at #WorkingWithPurpose and being part of the change towards a worthwhile future.
    She is member of the panel for “Education towards Sustainable Development” in Germany, belonging to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as well as a senator of the German Senate of Economy.
    Lissi Reitschuster is a single mother with two daughters and loves to spend time with her animals.

    Meagan Fallone, CEO, Barefoot College International

    Barefoot College - 2013 CGI Annual Meeting Opening Video Shoot_0182Responsible for Barefoot College International, Meagan Fallone is currently steering the establishment of a further 6 Barefoot College Women’s Vocational Training Centers throughout Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America and SE Asia/Pacific; to triple the size of the Barefoot College by 2018. In addition she is leading a significant move by the organisation towards digital integration both within the organisation and, in the hands of the thousands of rural poor illiterate and semi literate women the college trains throughout the developing world. Her team of young ‘Barefoot Innovators’ have developed and deployed a digital M&E platform to track QoL, empowerment, financial and sustainability impact within their programming. By leveraging a design centric strategy, grounded in the inclusion of grass roots women throughout its design and implementation, The Barefoot M&E process is fully integrated through a bottom up approach. She is working to further disseminate and reach more women in the developing world by leveraging 40 years of grass roots innovation with the support of technology. The “Barefoot Approach” focuses on Water management, Renewable Solar Energy, Livelihood & Enterprise creation and a unique solution to Rural Education for rural children that has today educated more than 75,000 young people. This dedication to creating information sharing across literacy, language, cultural barriers in true South/South cooperation, is at the heart of the Barefoot College strategic vision.

    Ms Fallone has achieved significant recognition for the Barefoot Approach through creation of Governmental and Multilateral partnerships since joining Bunker Roy in 2011 to scale the Women’s Barefoot Solar Initiative of community based, self reliant and sustainable Solar Electrification. She has been a field presence in more than 52 countries since joining Barefoot College and currently guides operations and partnerships in 72 Countries. Meagan is also responsible for Development, Strategic Planning, Policy & Advocacy, Monitoring & Evaluation and Communications. Since her joining the leadership team at Barefoot College she has sensitively been able to manage a challenging and deep organisational shift form a grass roots, India centred entity to a vibrant global organisation, working towards its own sustainability.

    How does she #WalktheTalk?

    Giving up a successful entrepreneurial career to step into the not for profit social enterprise world was just one of the ways I decided to “Walk the Talk”. My personal journey to confronting risk has led to a 20 year story in accomplishments I would never have imagined myself realising.

    About Barefoot College:

    Founded by Bunker Roy in 1972, Barefoot College is the only fully solar electrified college built by the rural poor and managed by the rural poor. For 40 years the College has demonstrated the power and impact of demystifying modern technologies into rural settings focusing on basic quality of life improvement. Grounded in the lifestyle and work style of mahatma Ghandi; “Live simply so that others may simply live” A strong commitment to developing women as agents of sustainable change and belief in communities to develop their own capacity to meet their own challenges within the developing world, is at the heart of every Barefoot Solution.

    Chris Taylor, Core Associate, The Oasis School of Human Relations

    ChrisChris is a Core Associate at The Oasis School of Human Relations. Oasis promotes radical approaches to personal growth and organisational development, through Whole Person Learning.
    In this work Chris has been involved in Executive Coaching, team development and organisational change, particularly around issues of social and environmental responsibility.
    Chris has a passion for global issues of social and environmental justice. At the international level he is heavily involved in Oasis’ work on Globally Responsible Leadership and was part of a global working group which created a platform on Management Education at the Rio Earth Summit in 2012.
    Chris runs programmes at Oasis on global issues as well as delivering workshops on several Masters level courses and within businesses. He is also working internationally with an alliance of student groups developing innovative approaches to management education. This work focusses on developing next generation business leaders with a deeply held sense of global responsibility.
    Chris is married and has three adult children. He is a keen music-lover, has been learning tai chi on-and-off for fifteen years and strives to stay fit and healthy.
    See Chris’ profile on the Oasis website here: http://www.oasishumanrelations.org.uk/people/chris-taylor/

  • We are currently working on the programme. Stay tuned for more information.

    Preceding the FutureLab

    oikos LEAP Meeting - Advanced and Intermediate

    The oikos LEAP Meeting 2016 will be a crucial gathering for representatives from around the world. Preceding the FutureLab, the Meeting will gather oikos Executive Board members and chapter representatives. The Advanced Track (2nd - 4th of November) will have a deeper focus on introspection and personal leadership. The Intermediate Track (4th - 6th of November) occurs post that with a focus on skills and empowerment-oriented training for presidents or chapter representatives.

    Throughout four days, more than 65 participants will develop leadership competences, improve their understanding of oikos, dive deeper into sustainability and acquire knowledge and skills to advance and improve their impact. The group will become a support group and take part in various experiences. From listening, to taking tests, to sharing to dancing out of your comfort zone: the programme will be rich and exciting.

    The application for the LEAP Advanced Track will open in July. For attending the LEAP Intermediate Track, chapters will appoint their representatives (one representative per chapter is counted).

    This two-part meeting is organized by the managers of oikos LEAP in partnership with 2 business consultants and coaches, 3 trainers from euphoria ch and one trainer from the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative. Each part of the meeting lasts for 2 days. Details are preliminary and to be confirmed between July and August 2016.

    The oikos LEAP Meeting  is an integral part of oikos LEAP.

    imp!act Euforia Training Program

    Parallel to the oikos LEAP intermediate and prior to the oikos FutureLab, oikees are invited to take part in an euforia Training Program, held for you in St Gallen. This eTP (click for info, fees and registration details), designed by the Swiss organisation Euforia, is an interactive 2.5 days workshop for oikees, supplying you with the skills and knowledge to launch an imp!act event in your home town. The eTP will take place from 4th to 6th of November 2016 in St. Gallen.

    imp!act is an unconventional, hands-on and fun training program for young people aged 18 - 30. Within the 2.5 days, it gives participants the chance to get to know themselves better, explore their passions, strenghts and values and empowers them to tackle global challenges on a local level. It helps participants to turn ideas and passions into real life projects and actions, fitting this year's FutureLab theme #WalkTheTalk. At the same time, it gives young changemakers the opportunity to get feedback by renowned experts in the field of social entrepreneurship, project management and other domains. The training gives you and your chapter the tools to ignite the changemaker potential in the youth of today to contribute to changing the world for the better.

    Each imp!act usually leads to 5-8 sustainable projects, run by participants of the event. On average, 6 months after the training, 50-70% of the participants have become more actively involved in taking up locally the global challenges they care about in one way or another (evaluation by HEC Paris).
    Also check out the story of a former eTP participant and listen to her reasons why you shouldnt't miss out on your opportunity to take part and take action!

    This event is organised by oikos Vienna members Julia and Anna. Please be advised that only those, who are not part of the oikos LEAP Intermediate programme may participate, as those events are happening parallel.

    Parallel Meetings

    Legislative Meeting

    This session is open only to oikos members. It is an opportunity for members to exercise their right to influence the oikos network by voting on who will be next oikos Executive Board Member, which chapters should join the oikos network and much more.

    Alumni Meeting

    Besides being a great occasion for alumni to catch up with each other and share their knowledge and experience, the alumni meeting will have concrete outcome and plan for next steps to advance the oikos alumni network.

    Members Meeting

    This is a chance for oikos student members to get to know each other better. There will be an ice-breaking exercise, networking and a lot of laughter, to get everyone in the spirit to connect, collaborate and create.

    Partners Meeting

    The Partners Meeting convenes oikos donors and, thus, the group of corporates, foundations and government departments that support our work with funding, ideas, knowledge and outreach. It offers a platform to provide our partners with an overview on oikos initiatives and programs, and to jointly explore developments with regards to sustainability in management and economics.

    Sessions for all Participants

    Walk the Talk

    In this session a keynote speaker will address the challenge of integrating sustainability in education. He/she will inspire the audience to continue walking their talk and share his story and achievements as he/she walked the talk.



    1. Climate Change,

    2. Culture of Knowledge and Individualisation,

    3. Digital Economy,

    4. Working with Purpose

    5. Urbanisation

    These workshops tackle challenges related to current megatrends. Workshop leaders from varied fields will give an insight into how education and knowledge can help participants #WalkTheTalk.

    Panel Discussion

    Workshop Leaders will participate together with the participants in a lively discussion.

    Impact Journey

    Participants make the journey, in couples, from their accommodation to the venue whilst exploring and exchanging personal visions of sustainability and education.

    Call to Walk the Talk

    A keynote speaker will inspire participants, building on the previous day and other experience, to continue walking the talk and pursue actions that they are passionate about.

    Learning Circle Sessions 1 & 2

    In their groups, Learning Circles continue developing the impactful initiatives they have started in previous months.

    Impact Fair

    Participants share and present inspiring projects from around the world. If you want to present your initiative, please submit your proposal by October 5th. The link for submissions can be found here: http://goo.gl/forms/e445Gxv0ZozNPHyG2

    Open Space

    Participants discuss ideas, reflect and continue designing initiatives to pursue with other stakeholders in the oikos community.


    Participants' commitments to #WalkTheTalk.

    *Preliminary sessions descriptions. Subject to change.

    Learning Circles


    The oikos Economics Learnings Circle wants to increase the participants' awareness for different topics in the field of (sustainable) economics. Having gone through a general critique of common economics at the last meeting we now want to continue discussing alternative ideas of economics. We will take a scrutinizing look at approaches of feminist economics as well as the ‘economy of the common good’ (Gemeinwohlökonomie). We’d like to deal with growth criticism, measuring a society’s economic performance (including unpaid work) and cultural aspects, like lifestyle.

    If you are interested in these topics, we (Hannah and Frank) are happy to welcome you to the Economics LC. If you are quick to apply, you will have the chance to co-design the LC. Furthermore, we would like to strengthen the exchange between members of the LC to guarantee the LC’s continuity. Therefore, we are looking for people who would like to revive discussion in the facebook group.


    Stay tuned for more information!


    Stay tuned for more information!


    Stay tuned for more information!

    Participatory Learning

    The Participatory Learning Circle aims to let students and faculty members experience another kind of education. At the FutureLab 2014 the initiative COMMIT (Change of Management-education and Methods in Teaching) was born out of this Learning Circle. COMMIT works towards the following vision: institutions that provide the space and learning environment to enable students to follow their passion, to develop their own ideas. Currently the COMMIT-team is working on the oikos Summer School in Tbilisi on the topic "Education for a Better World".
    The sessions at the FL are designed to be bottom-up. The goal is to prove that students are able to facilitate learning sessions, confirming our belief that the relationship between faculty members and students need to change. So most of the action will be done by the participants and we, the managers (Anna and Julia) will just give some guidance and feedback. We look forward to find out what we're capable of in a team! You can learn more about COMMIT here: http://www.commitnow.org.

    Supply Chain (Fashion)

    Stay tuned for more information!

  • The oikos FutureLab 2016 will bring together a diverse representation of the oikos community and will allow in-depth discussions and exchange. We cordially invite active student members from oikos Chapters, alumni, faculty, advisors and partners to join us in November in St. Gallen.

    Registration | Chapter members

    The FutureLab 2016 is an invitation only event and the most active and committed oikos members are invited.We wish for the oikos FutureLab to be just a meeting point for our community, not a one-off conference. We aim for the community to actively participate in the preparatory measures and co-develop the agenda with us. Therefore, we encourage all the participants of the FutureLab 2016 to engage in a Learning Circle before the FutureLab. See more information about Learning Circles here.

    Chapter presidents are invited to select their chapters’ most active members and encourage them to apply. Since there are usually more applications than spaces, the organizing team may select chapter members according to the following three criteria:

    • How you #WalkTheTalk via a project or other activity in line with the oikos mission
    • Your involvement in a Learning Circle/LEAP throughout the year
    • Perceived motivation to carry out the #WalkTheTalk journey and projects in their everyday life/community and/or university pre and post-FutureLab
    • Equal representation of all Chapters at the FutureLab (within our best capacity)

    A first complete screening and confirmation of participation will be done by 3 August 2016. If you need a visa, we encourage you to apply before this date.

    The second complete screening and confirmation of participation will be done by 21 September 2016.


    Register Now: Click here! 


    Registration deadline: 18 September 2016

    Payment | Chapter Members

    The student participation fee is 80 CHF, to be paid after acceptance of your application. Please pay only after acceptance of your application!

    The fee includes:
    Accommodation (check in 06.11.2016/check out 09.11.2016) and food. You are responsible for the cost and arrangement of transportation to and from St Gallen, Switzerland.

    ▪ A refund will be given for cancellations received 20 days before the first day of a conference (November 6th). The cancellation fee is 20 CHF.
    ▪ No refund will be given for cancellations received later than 19 days before the start of the conference.

    Payment deadline 1st Round: 15 August 2016
    Payment deadline 2nd Round: 28 September 2016

    You can make your payment via Bank transfer or PayPal (Credit Card).

    Bank Transfer:
    Kindly find our bank details here.


    Participant Fee (in CHF)
    First and Last Name

    Registration | Alumni, Faculty, Young Scholars, Advisors, Partners

    The oikos FutureLab gathers representatives from the entire community. Therefore, you, alumnus/a, faculty member, young scholar, advisor of one of our chapters or partner are cordially invited to register to the FutureLab 2016: #WalktheTalk to close gaps and integrate more sustainability in education.

    We wish for the oikos FutureLab to be just a meeting point for our community, not a one-off conference. We aim for the community to actively participate in the preparatory measures and co-develop the agenda with us.Therefore, we encourage all the participants of the FutureLab 2016 to engage in, or contribute to, a Learning Circle before the FutureLab. Check out more information about Learning Circles here.

    Register now: click here

    Registration deadline: 03 October 2016

    If you need visa, we encourage you to apply before.

    Payment | Alumni, Faculty, Young Scholars, Advisors, Partners

    The participation fee for non-student members is 160 CHF. The fee includes lunch, dinner, coffee-breaks and a social event.

    You are welcome to stay with us at this Hotel one66. We can make a reservation for you and you can take advantage of great price. In additional, there are several hotels in St. Gallen ranging from 90 to 250 CHF per person per night. In case you want to stay in another hotel, please reserve your own accommodation.

    Please make the payment only after acceptance of your application.

    Payment deadline: 06 October 2016


    ▪ A refund will be given for cancellations received 20 days before the first day of a conference (November 6th). The cancellation fee is 20 CHF.
    ▪ No refund will be given for cancellations received later than 19 days before start of the conference.
    You can make your payment via Bank transfer or PayPal (Credit Card).

    Bank Transfer:

    Kindly find our bank details here


    Participant Fee (in CHF)
    First and Last Name

  • General Questions:

    Who can apply for the oikos FutureLab 2016?

    The FutureLab 2016 is an invitation only event. We cordially invite active student members from oikos Chapter network, alumni, faculty, advisors and partners.

    If you are an oikos member, the president of your chapter will suggest the most active members, who will also register through our website. The FutureLab Team will then choose the participants based on their application, their Learning Circle involvement and their chapter activity. However, it will also be possible to register for a waiting list without suggestion of your president. Please feel free to register through the tab “Registration”.

    How many members from each chapter get to attend the FutureLab?

    Two would be the ideal number of members from each chapter at the FutureLab. In case there is an excess of applicants from your chapter, you will be put on a waitlist and we will evaluate the application when the minimum representation criteria from each chapter has been fulfilled.

    Can alumni from my chapter attend the FutureLab?

    Yes, we strongly encourage alumni to attend. We also have a special session only for alumni on Monday, November 7th.

    When can I arrive at and till what date will the accommodation be provided to me?

    As a chapter representative you can check in on the evening of November 6th and check out on the morning of November 9th in the Hotel one66.

    If you are a Faculty, a Partner, Alumni or Advisor, the FutureLab opening session starts on Monday  November 7th at 9am. For accommodation, we recommend you to stay with us at the Hotel one66. We got a great deal at this hotel and if you would like to, we can reserve your accommodation for you.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at to help you with your schedule.

    Am I entitled to any travel reimbursement for attending the FutureLab?

    You will receive further info on this matter soon.

    I have been put on the waitlist for the FutureLab. When will I hear from you on the final outcome of my application?

    You will hear from us by September 29th 2016. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us in case you have any queries.

    How do I apply for the Impact Fair?

    More information soon about the registration.


    Learning Circle Questions:

    Am I suppose to be a part of a Learning Circle before the conference to attend oikos FutureLab 2016?

    We welcome and encourage all the invited participants of the FutureLab 2016 to apply and register for participating in at least one Learning Circle before the FutureLab.

    NOTE: You can participate in discussions & preparations for multiple Learning Circles. However, during the conference, you can only be present in one Learning Circle as the sessions will run in parallel.

    More info about Learning Circles, check out here: http://oikos-international.org/programmes/action-learning/learning-circles/

    Can I be a part of two or more Learning Circles before the FutureLab?

    Yes! If you have multiple interests, you can be a part of the discussions & preparations of multiple Learning Circles before the conference.

    Can I represent two or more Learning Circles during the FutureLab?

    No, you cannot represent more than one learning circle during the conference as the sessions will run in parallel.

    Are there limited seats per Learning Circle at the FutureLab?

    Yes! Once your motivation is assessed, you will be encouraged to join one of your preferred Learning Circles depending upon the availability.

    Make sure to submit all three of the requested Learning Circle preferences in the application form for the FutureLab 2016.

    Can I participate in a Learning Circle without being a part at FutureLab 2016?

    Yes, most definitely! We welcome and encourage all oikos community to contribute in the discussions & preparations for at least one Learning Circle. It would be a great plus if you could physically make it to the FutureLab 2016, of course. Information on the organizational structure of each Learning Circle can be found here: http://oikos-international.org/programmes/action-learning/learning-circles/


    Payment Questions:

    When is the deadline for making the payment for the FutureLab?

    The deadline is September 28th, 2016 for student members and October 06th for the other participants.

    Can I pay via credit card?

    Yes, you would be paying via Paypal. The link from where you can make the payment is given on our website.

    Can I pay via bank transfer?

    Yes, you can make the payment via bank transfer as well. Following are our account details that you’ll need:

    IBAN: CH49 0025 4254 L024 6142 0

    BIC (Swift): UBSWCHZH80A

    Account Number: 254-L0246142.0

    Clearing Number: 254

    Beneficiary Name:

    oikos-Stiftung fuer Oekonomie und Oekologie

    Dufourstrasse 50

    9000 St. Gallen

    Beneficiary Bank:

    UBS AG

    Postfach, CH 9001 St Gallen

    How much is 80 CHF in the currency used in my country?

    Here is a site where you can easily make the conversion - http://www.oanda.com

    What is included in the 80 CHF participation fees for the FutureLab?

    80 CHF includes your accommodation in double room at the hotel one66 (check-in: 06.11.2016  and check-out: 09.11.2016) and food. You are responsible for the cost and arrangement of transportation to and from the city where you are currently living.


    Logistical Questions:

    Where will I be staying during the FutureLab?

    We have made reservations at the Hotel one66 -


    If you are a Faculty, a Partner, Alumni or Advisor, you are welcome to stay with us at this Hotel one66. We can make a reservation for you and you can take advantage of great price.

    How do I get to St. Gallen from Zurich airport?

    The best way would be take a train from the airport. The IC/ICN trains run frequently and take approximately 55 minutes, charging 28 CHF for the ride from the airport to St. Gallen. For more details on the schedule, please visit the following page – http://www.sbb.ch

    Where is the FutureLab 2016 taking place?

    The oikos FutureLab 2016 will take place at the Executive Campus at the University of St. Gallen.


    Click here for a the virtual tour at the Executive Campus.

    How do I get to Executive Campus HSG (the venue for the FutureLab)?

    The Executive Campus HSG is located at the Holzstrasse 15. You can reach the venue by bus (5 or 9) from the main station. Or walk 2km uphill.

  • Christopher Burgahn

    Chris_smallChristopher is a restless person. In school he recognized that being aligned with a greater cause and working with a great team can change the world. Since then, he always sought for this in his projects: as school representative, member of the board of several NGO’s, or as head of his own company. Besides that, he studies Sustainability Management in Ulm, Germany. For him, sustainability is a matter of change, and he believes that humanity is able to achieve it. oikos, particularly the FutureLab 2016, is a perfect base for changing the world and #WalkTheTalk.




    Nimisha Ghorpade

    11852826_10152833396121653_1179324682_oNimisha joined oikos Pune chapter after attending the Asia meet 2014 and thus started her journey as a member and the editor for the oikos newsletter. She's completed her Masters in Environmental Sciences and is staunch conservationist allergic to the word environmentalist. She believes that each and everyone is an environmentalist as she always sees the better in everyone and the world. Often, she strives to achieve the ecosystem balance of the image in her head to the reality she lives in. She has been associated with education and ecological awareness through her volunteering activities, for which she even won herself the prestigious Gandhi Fellowship. She brings her zealous love for ecology and wildlife to the FutureLab, bringing a conservationist's view point on #WalkTheTalk amidst the economics. She loves sitting by the sea having grown up next to it yearning for peace much contrary to her jumpy bubbly garrulous self. When not socializing and meeting new people with her radiating smile, she can be found reading, writing poetry, gardening or simply watching documentaries sitting on her favourite couch.

    Bhakti Khot


    13106693_10153299664366653_1501609467_oBhakti is a self driven holding a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship. She is certified Six Green belt, winner of "All India Six Sigma- Green Belt" and also Prince 2 certified Project Manager. She critically analyses and strategizes projects. She has been associated with oikos International since 2013 and thereafter is closely knit with the oikos network. She has served oikos at different positions; as the President for oikos Pune and Manager for the Learning Circle – Entrepreneurship. and as an oikos Leaper, 2015-16. She has mentored 8 ideas and helped them pave way to startups. She believes sustainability is about change and to achieve it, we all are equal stakeholders. Bhakti is all set with her co-organizers to create a platform for changing the world at the FutureLab 2016, #WalkTheTalk. During her free time she likes to cook, travel, spend time with pets and nature.

    Anita Negri


    Anita Negri is the president of the oikos Executive Board since 2014. She studied at Maastricht University where she joined oikos and became passionate about its mission.

    Since her election, she has worked on several initiatives, and attempts to change education in her daily activities whilst inspiring others to join our journey. Whilst attending conferences and speaking to numerous experts in the field, Anita has likewise brought youth voices to several platforms.

    Christoph Rappitsch

    S1480003_2Christoph studies Economics in the masterprogram at the WU Vienna. There he also joined the local chapter of oikos in the year 2014 and then became a board member. His desire to change the society and working with people, who have the same goal, was his main motivation for this step. Furthermore to work in a organisation, where are so many different cultures involved and all of them try to make the world a better place, inspires him everyday. This is also reflected in his studies, as his main focus is Game Theory and treaties between countries, like TTIP.  To make the everydays life more sustainable, he strongly believes that there needs to be a change in the education system. Because education is the basic for everything one does in his or her life. Therefore he looks forward to make a step in the right direction with the FutureLab. Another important fact about him is that, he loves to sing and play his guitar, a Gibson Les Paul.

    Adrian von Jagow

    DSC_0645_1Adrian is a world citizen, passionate about most things: oikos, China, and good conversations, to name a few. He studied International Economics and Sinology at the University of Tübingen, where he joined the local oikos chapter in 2012 and later served as president. In July 2016 he joined the oikos management team full time. His involvement in oikos is motivated by his own academic experience: too often he finds himself confronted with outdated teaching methods, a narrow and singular curriculum and seemingly intractable professors. Sustainability for him resembles empathy – it’s an imperative; and a lack thereof is at the heart of most problems.



  • oikos FutureLab 2015

    The 2015 oikos FutureLab took place on 26 – 28 October (Monday - Wednesday) in the Pfalzkeller in St. Gallen. Its main aim was to create action plans to implement sustainable and relevant education systems, by involving representatives from all parties with an interest in management and economics education. It is, specifically, intended to facilitate the design of learning experiences that are more effective at preparing change agents to address the challenges of the 21st century. This signifies the embedding of sustainability and social perspectives in management and economics education and integrating pluralistic teaching methods.

    We are an important step closer to making education matter and could not have done it without more than 120 enthusiastic and driven participants from 20 countries and 4 continents. Now it is time to act in our local chapters. We are looking forward to seeing the next steps, projects and initiatives of the whole oikos community. Check out the Publication of Ideas here.

    More information: http://oikos-international.org/programmes/conferences/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2015/

    oikos FutureLab 2014

    The 2014 oikos FutureLab took place on 10 – 11 November in St. Gallen. Several projects and initiatives were planned during the oikos FutureLab towards “building a bridge for sustainability in economics and management” together with 120 participants from 18 countries.

    For the first time, the oikos FutureLab was organised by a group of seven members from three different chapters worldwide who worked together for eight months. The floor was mainly in the hands of the participants who shaped the gathering. Students, alumni, NGO representatives, faculty members and corporate partners were working together in seven oikos Learning Circles (Economics, Finance, Leadership, Management, Energy, Fashion/Supply Chain and Entrepreneurship) in order to develop projects and initiatives. Speakers included Yuan Yang from Rethinking Economics and Marloes Nichols from Meteos, who spoke about campaigning for sustainability and shared their practical experience, as well as Uwe Lübbermann, founder of Premium Cola, the ecologically friendly and socially just drink producer in Germany who has chosen an organisational structure and strategies at Premium Cola that are in sharp contrast to what we learn in business schools.

    More information: http://oikos-international.org/programmes/conferences/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2014/

    oikos FutureLab 2013

    The 2013 oikos FutureLab took place on 11 – 12 November in St. Gallen. It focused on “Transforming Education” and on opportunities to drive change at faculties for economics and management. As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos FutureLab offered insights to co-learn with our members and partners and to identify opportunities to take oikos to the next level as an effective learning organization – in particular:

    • To understand and effectively tap into the learning opportunities already existing in our network.
    • To develop a platform for oikos and universities where we are active as learning organizations that foster sustainability leadership skills among their members and audiences.
    • To explore what a reference model for sustainability education in economics and management actually could look like, so that we can inspire students, scholars and university administrators.

    More information: http://oikos-international.org/programmes/conferences/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2013/

    oikos FutureLab 2012

    On 19th and 20th November, 2012, we will welcome oikos members and partners in St. Gallen for the second oikos FutureLab. The 2012 topic is “Impact: Think – Act – Share”. As a central platform for changemakers, the FutureLab will bring together our chapter members from across four continents; our alumni in business, government, NGOs, and academia; our faculty members from schools for management and economics worldwide, and a broad array of partners supporting our projects.
    The oikos FutureLab will focus on impact and activating our network: What impact do we aim to achieve as individuals? How do we develop a mindset of change? How can we activate our oikos network more effectively to create impact? As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos FutureLab will offer insights into sustainability trends to watch, to co-learn with our members and partners and to identify opportunities for strengthening our impact in the future.
    A key feature of the oikos FutureLab will be the Impact Fair, a forum where conference delegates introduce their own projects, and through which they can engage the oikos community to help them further develop their project. Delegates will be invited to present their initiatives by using a theory of change logic during the Project Fair. Background information will be provided prior to the conference.
    The Project Fair will be followed by an Open Space to design and develop concrete projects to pursue with the support of the oikos community.

    oikos FutureLab 2011

    The oikos FutureLab 2011 is the first oikos event ever to gather our global family of student members, alumni, advisors, faculty and partners. As we approach our 25th anniversary in 2012, we are launching this new platform to provide not only a meeting point to share perspectives on the future, but also a “laboratory” to design initiatives and engage the oikos community in pursuing them. With oikos chapters across four continents, alumni in business, government, NGOs, and academia, faculty members at leading schools for management and economics worldwide, and a broad array of partners supporting our projects, we believe it is time to bring all of us together and accelerate the sustainability momentum.

    As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos FutureLab will offer insights into sustainability trends to watch in the long-term, key developments to monitor during the next 12 months, and opportunities for change moving forward. It will take a close look at how the oikos community can strengthen selected projects that are already on their way and provide a launching pad for new initiatives that emerge in the discussions. And it will nurture an ongoing exchange within the oikos community to set agendas, define priorities and join forces to increase impact.

    Participation is by invitation only. The event will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland – where it all started in 1987.

Registration is open! Apply today!

Get involved in one of the oikos Learning Circles! If you want to help managing one of the circles, check out this video.


We are an important step closer to making education matter and could not have done it without more than 120 enthusiastic and driven participants from 20 countries and 4 continents at the oikos FutureLab 2015. Now it is time to act in our local chapters. We are looking forward to seeing the next steps, projects and initiatives of the whole oikos community. Check out the Publication of Ideas here


More pictures, videos and articles.