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International Opportunities

oikos International is looking for passionate individuals who want to help empower students to integrate sustainability in economics and management education and society.

Are you up for the experience?


Position Who can apply Deadline Status
oikos Board 2020/2021 oikos Members and alumni November 8th
International Working Group Members oikos Members and Alumni Ongoing
Community Comminication Coordinator Volunteer position at NexGenLead Anyone Closed August 31st
Learning Facilitator Volunteer Position at NexGenLead Anyone Closed August 31st
Digital Facilitation Coordinator Volunteer Position at NexGenLead Anyone Closed August 31st
Curriculum Change Manager Anyone Closed 22 August
PIR Outreach and Marketing Manager Anyone Closed May 1 2020
PIR Student Engagement Coordinator Students Closed April 26 2020
oikos International President oikos Members and Alumni Closed March 30, 2020
Assistant to the oikos International President Students Closed March 1, 2020
Join the Team for the oikos Alumni Unconference on Sustainability oikos Alumni Closed February 28, 2020
oikos Board 2019/2020 oikos Members and alumni Closed - October 28, 2019. 15:00 CET
Communications Manager Anyone Closed - November 10, 2019
Leadership & Sustainability Fellow Anyone Closed - October 20, 2019
Case Students Committee oikos Members Closed - July 21, 2019
Alumni Working Group oikos Alumni Closed - March 31, 2019
Fundraising Working Group oikos Members Closed - February 24, 2019
FutureLab 2019 Team oikos Members Closed - February 24, 2019

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