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oikos International Team

The core of oikos are our chapters. Each of them is a member of oikos International – a Swiss association that serves as an umbrella organization. See the Constitution of oikos International.

Chapters are supported by an international management team based in St. Gallen. They also elect a board for oikos International which decides on the overall strategic direction of the organization together with the Board of trustees.

  • Who are Board members?

    Talented oikos members who are passionate about sustainable economics and management. They strategise and develop the oikos community, bring fresh ideas and implement new projects.

    What do Board members do?

    The oikos International Board governs and manages the departments of oikos International and governs strategic decisions for oikos to be a sustainable organization and have a sustainable impact. As representatives of the oikos community, the VPs have the opportunity to inspire and empower the network towards oikos’ purpose, mission, and vision. Contributing to the organization’s development and sustainability, VPs work in dedicated departments and roles and collaborate with the oikos management team, the working groups, the community, and the strategic partners with similar objectives.

    Oikos Clémentine Robert

    Clémentine Robert

    International President

    Oikos Mike Brodersen

    Mike Brodersen

    Finance and Fundraising

    International Vice-President

    Oikos Sophie Charrois

    Sophie Charrois

    Organizational Development

    International Vice-President

    Oikos Asif Gurbanov

    Asif Gurbanov

    Communications and Marketing

    International Vice-President

    Oikos Paula Heess

    Paula Heess

    Program Development

    International Vice-President

    Oikos Arthur Mària

    Arthur Mària

    Chapter Matters

    International Vice-President

    Oikos Luisa Marie Pütz

    Luisa Marie Pütz

    Strategy and IT

    International Vice-President

    Oikos Zvezdana Vuletić

    Zvezdana Vuletić


    International Vice-President

    Former oikos Boards

    2019, 2018, 20172016, 2015, 2014201320122011201020092008,

    200720062005, 2004, 200320022001200019991998

  • International Management Team

    Oikos Neema Balolebwami Nelly

    Neema Balolebwami Nelly

    Chapter Membership Manager

    Oikos Jonas Charrois

    Jonas Charrois

    IT Manager

    Oikos Alexandra Horvath

    Alexandra Horvath

    Program Manager

    Oikos Autumn Irving Carr

    Autumn Irving Carr

    PIR Student Engagement Coordinator

    Oikos Lenka Kepkova

    Lenka Kepkova

    Curriculum Strategy Manager

    Oikos Stefan Krasić

    Stefan Krasić

    Communications Manager

    Oikos Giuliana Longworth

    Giuliana Longworth

    Case Program Manager

    Oikos J.Christopher Proctor

    J.Christopher Proctor

    Curriculum Research Manager

    Oikos Clémentine Robert

    Clémentine Robert

    International President 2019&2020, Board 2019

    Oikos Adriana Troxler

    Adriana Troxler

    Leadership Development Manager & Coach

    Oikos Marcelo Veloso

    Marcelo Veloso

    Leadership and Sustainability fellow

    Oikos Gregory Vrient

    Gregory Vrient

    Assistant to oikos International President

    Oikos John Watt

    John Watt

    PIR Outreach and Marketing Manager

  • What are the Working Groups?

    Working Groups are highly autonomous and innovative teams composed of oikos members, alumni and supporters. They develop entrepreneurial approaches to organize the day-to-day operations of oikos.

    Working Groups are facilitated by the International Vice-Presidents.

    Working Groups

    Oikos Marketing and Communications Working Group

    Marketing and Communications Working Group

    Oikos Fundraising Working Group

    Fundraising Working Group

    Oikos Strategy & Program Development Working Group

    Strategy & Program Development Working Group

    Oikos Chapter Development Working Group

    Chapter Development Working Group

    Join a working group