What is Transforming Education?

We envision higher education that prepares youth to navigate complexity, and grow into the leaders of
an economic system that generates positive environmental and social outcomes. Students play a key
role in this systemic shift: with the sustainability challenge at hand, there now is an open window for
young change agents to take ownership of their education and make change happen in real-time. Accompanied by early career researchers, lecturers and together with other allies, students have the capacity to influence the why, what and how of teaching and learning.

When the world needs to change, teaching needs to change

We strive for transformations in business and economics education that go deep in terms of purpose,
content and methodologies. At the core of the transformations we envision: relationships and new
narratives that are driven by student change agents

What is the TE Squad?

To facilitate the work of students in different oikos chapters on their projects on transforming education, oikos international has created the Transforming Education Squad. The squad is a room for our local chapters to interact, share, exchange, and connect with other chapters working on similar topics, learn about tools, and benefit from its diversity. The squad provides students with a network where they can benefit from each other’s experiences and collaborate on rethinking education.

Upcoming Events

As part of the monthly events hosted by oikos International, members of the TE squad have the opportunity to organize workshops and share them with the entire oikos community. Please check the oikos calendar for updates on interesting upcoming events.

The TE Squad meeting will take place on last Thursday of every month! Register here to be part of this support group.
Stay tuned for “Learning how to reach more people & their meaning of sustainability”

Our Monthly Meetings   

Transforming Education Squad Semester Kick-off Call!

On 30th March 2023, the Transforming Education Squad held a “Semester Kick-off Call “that brought together 9 oikees from 4 oikos chapters. The agenda of the meeting included a check-in, an overview of the purpose and mission of the TE Squad, a session by Sophie Charrois on “Transforming Education – Why you have all you need to change your school & how to find allies on the way, and a checkout session with harvesting our learnings. We reflected on 3 important statements:

Good reasons Not to embark on transforming your own education.

Where to start? A round of Rob Hopkins “yes and”  to learn that change can happen very fast!

What are good questions to ask for inviting your fellow students, professors, university faculty, local government, local businesses.

Overall, the Transforming Education Squad meet up was a valuable experience for all the attendees.

Fourth TE Squad Meeting

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our last meeting in 2022, on the 29th of December! It was wonderful to see how interested you were in the topic of “How to stay motivated within Transforming Education“. We devoted most of the session to discuss challenges that arise in this regard and shared the thoughts with our peers. Then we had time to gather key insights and brainstormed solutions to each problem. We as well conducted a 10-minute survey to evaluate the current status of the chapters and celebrated our implemented projects (Transforming Education Impact Assessment). Moreover, we are very happy that 9 chapters currently are joining us, thank you for your interest and motivation. Thinking of joining this beautiful working group? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Third TE Squad Meeting

In yesterday’s session, on the 24th of November 2022, we gave some updates and the current status about our Transforming Education projects in our chapters. We focused most of the time on the topic: How to transfer knowledge within the chapter. How can experiences and information be exchanged between different members of our chapter in terms of handover processes? Why is it important? We answered and discussed five questions together. One of the most important questions was: How do you proceed with handing  over your knowledge to someone (format, strategies, etc.)? Thinking of joining this beautiful working group? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Second TE Squad Meeting

Last TE Squad meeting took place on the 3rd of November 2022 and it was amazing thanks to all the chapters joining. We devoted the greatest part of the session to peer-coach, which was very insightful for all of us and we’ll definitely provide more space for this kind of dynamics in the future. We split into two groups of four people. The output of this session was that the chapters were able to communicate in which projects they are working on and inspire other chapters and where they need perhaps the best support to go further. Active listening was practiced. Letting one person relate their project, another person actively listens and the others give advice to the other person. Thinking of joining this beautiful working group? Do not hesitate to contact us! 


TE Squad in its new format was launched last Thursday 29th September. During the session, community members could get to know each other and they current initatives, get informed about the new TE Squad display and its current tools and collectively elaborate future steps. The gathering was attended by 7 chapters of the oikos community which have become permanent members of the Squad. Thinking of joining this beautiful working group? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Meet the current members!

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