Lena HörnleinLena joined the oikos team in September 2014 as a PhD fellow under the supervision of Prof. Marc Chesney at the University of Zurich’s Department for Banking and Finance. In her PhD she analyzes policy mechanisms to incentivise private investment in a low-carbon energy supply.

Lena was an active oikos member during her undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Economics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, where she organized events on international climate and energy policies and edited the university’s first sustainability report. She completed a master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Climate Change at London School of Economics.

She moved to Tunisia in 2012 to work with GIZ, the German development agency, as a climate policy expert at the Tunisian Ministry of the Environment. In this post, Lena managed multi-stakeholder processes, such as the development of a support mechanism for climate-friendly cement production with the Tunisian government and the private sector. She has completed previous assignments for the German Environment Ministry, the German development bank KfW, the climate consulting firm Perspectives and for the University of Zurich in a research project on the UN climate negotiations.