Why is this WG needed? What are the main goals?

This WG is needed to strengthen a common International network for those who would like to continue to :

  • Connect, interact and act to pursue the sustainability talk into your personal life and career.
  • support oikos

Its main aims are to allow former oikos members across generations, as well as continents, to get in touch, pursue a continuous learning journey about sustainability in different fields and to be part of a supporting community around that topic.

That’s why we’re looking for people to make it happen. We’re looking for a wide diversity of skill sets.

Where to engage in the WG?

  • Events coordinator (coordinate events for and with the Alumni network,)
  • Communication manager (content writing, Social media, branding, increasing visibility of oikos and external events about sustainability hosted across the globe). WordPress knowledge is a plus.
  • Database/CRM “champion” (cleaning up Alumni database, developing its potential, automating, etc.) We use Salesforce.
    You don’t know Salesforce? You can learn by doing. We can support you to learn it.
  • Alumni activities coordinator (co-developing Alumni activities aligned with oikos International values)
  • Partnership developer (partnerships development with various organisations to enhance the Alumni community dynamism, create an all-inclusive, complete oikos International Alumni community and opening joint-programs)

How to Apply:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to benoit.pitsaer@oikos-international.org.

Deadline to apply is March 31st, 2019.


Can I get actively involved in the Alumni Network without being part of the Alumni working group?

Yes, any Alumni can contribute to the alumni network without being part of the Alumni working group. They could support it based on their availability.

What’s the difference being part of the Alumni working group and being an Alumni contributing to the Alumni network?

  • Alumni working group members set the strategy for the Alumni network and coordinate its implementation.
  • Alumni can contribute on its implementation.
What’s the difference between events and alumni activities?

  • Events are get togethers
  • Activities are all other activities, that are designed for Alumni.
Who identified the need for this Working Group(WG)?

  • A combination of numerous Alumni across generations and continents, several generations of oikos Board Members.
What do I get from being apart of the working group?

  • Develop your personal network.
  • Work with an intercultural and intergenerational team.
  • Direct involvement in the curation of the global oikos Alumni network: bring your thoughts & experiences to the table to help foster a positive transformation across the global oikos community.
  • Gain valuable career experience through the development & construction of strategic tools for alumni engagement.
  • Continually have the ability to see your personal impact: alumni connectivity is not an abstract idea. If you want to see how much your efforts are being rewarded in terms of direct results and impact, join the oikos Alumni WG!
Who can apply? How many positions are open?

  • Any member of the oikos community can apply. Whether you are an oikos member, an alumni or former oikos employee, or you’ve taken part at an oikos academy, you can apply.

Which experiences are needed?

  • No specific experience is needed. We request you to remain open minded and think for the benefit of the oikos Alumni, part of a multi-stakeholder network.
  • We’re here to learn and do our best !

What are the selection criteria?

  • Alumni from different generations. Individual who became an oikee :
    • > 2000
    • 2001-2005
    • 2005-2010
    • 2011-2017
    • one current oikos member
  • Alumni from different continents:
    • 2 Alumni from Europe
    • 1 Alumni from Asia
    • 1 Alumni from North America
    • 1 Alumni from Africa
What is the estimated timeline?

  • Feb 20th-March 20 : Recruitment
  • March 21st: Start of the working group
  • January 2020: All activities designed running smoothly
What’s the minimum time commitment?

  • 1 year.
What’s the maximum time commitment?

  • 3 years.
  • After this maximum time commitment, Alumni Working group members can remain involved in the network through various different ways.
Is there a ‘certificate of participation’ for completing a WG?

  • Yes. An oikos certificate will be provided at the end of the process.