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Executive Board 2017/ 2018

Nurlan Jahangirli


Nurlan always had a dream of making a positive impact on the community from his childhood, thus he started to pursue his goal with the enrollment in Environmental Protection Projects of SOCAR at 10th grade as a team leader. After all the care of nature and others evolved him into a different person in the society to facilitate positive changes happen. Moreover, until today he was a part of many projects both locally and internationally. Through 6 years of active involvement in social society development projects, he has gained many organizational, communication and management skills. He wants to make a difference in this world and to make it happen he started to work with oikos as a strong platform supported internationally. At the moment, Nurlan studies International Economics and wants to pursue Master Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.  For him, the powerful motivator is the opportunity to contribute others and learn from responsibilities. Thus he believes that by taking individual actions, we can shake this world.

Dinara Kanopkina

Vice President

To develop herself as a strong leader and person Dinara always chose ways that were alternative from the crowd’s preferences. She is passionate about exploring the uniqueness of all cultures among the world and sustainable lifestyles. Volunteering in Slovakia, studying Policymaking in the US, taking active participation in biggest international forums for youth, gave her important insights that she is eager to share with local students. Dinara believes that oikos is NGO that has great potential in Azerbaijan to spread ideas of responsible consumption environmentally friendly lifestyle. Previous experience of team leading in various NGOs is her essential assets that helps her to bring oikos to new, high level and witness valuable outcome of projects that currently are being implemented by oikos Baku and will increase the number in future.

Roza Mammadova

HR Manager

Roza is a second-year international relations student at Baku Engineering university. As a student of International Relations, she has a strong interest in social sciences methodology. She has undertaken research on visitors of modern and contemporary art museums, on the role of artists in the society and on different dimensions of cultural participation and social engagement. Being able to participate in different social projects she gained communicational and problem-solving skills. Passion for making a difference and eagerness to bring a change are the things that have connected Rosa with oikos. Change not only in the relation to the global society, economy, and environment but also in relation to each individual, their personal development, and professional contribution. Therefore, Roza has joined executive board of oikos Baku as a Human Resource manager in order to bring her vision to life and contribute to building the better future.

Nigar Novruzaliyeva

Marketing Manager

Nigar is an undergraduate student of Computer Science at ADA University. Being interested in encouraging our fast developing world to step on the path of sustainability, she joined oikos Baku in 2017. Currently, she is a part of the marketing team and is also responsible for the graphic design. Nigar has experience in the sphere of marketing and has been interested in graphic design and art for a long time, what aided her in getting the relevant skills both in marketing and digital proficiency. Her passion for what she does and deep concern about world problems keeps her excited about oikos and its mission- for Nigar the best about this organization is a freedom for great ideas and the opportunity to actually make a change

Ebdul Mustafazade

Marketing Manager

Abdul is a well-rounded and globally oriented undergraduate student of Translation (Interpretation) department. From early study years, he consistently modifying mankind has engrossed, wanting to recognize and discover the causes and effects of current and future human interactions. Although his profession is not deeply related marketing every time he trying to increase networking by gaining experience through activities. Every time he was determined to pursue his educational career in an active international atmosphere so that he can mature both academically and individually. The passion of caring and figuring people out has never downturned, yet he made it out that could make a greater distinction through particular actions. Abdul has a great passion to create graphic illustrations and this passion was encountered to him oikos, to work and show his passion for the community of the world, as Abdul said: The key issue is you, it doesn’t matter where are you!

Orkhan Alizade

Organizational Developer