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08 September 2017 | Chapter-News, Project

oikos Baku is delighted to introduce one of our projects – oikos Talks. The idea behind oikos Talks is to give insights about sustainability within the scope of various fields (Ecology, Economics, Engineering etc.) that are concerned. oikos Talks is a series of talk-events organized by oikos Baku. The objective of this event is to give students and young segment insights about sustainability from different perspectives. Also, the intention behind this event is to show how broad and branched the topic of sustainability actually is and to increase the public awareness among the students and interested listeners. Therefore oikos Baku invites experts from various fields of green economy to talk and exchange experiences about relevant topics. The primary... »

oikos International CEE Meeting

7 - 10 September | Chapter-News, Project, Projects

oikos Baku is granted to organize oikos International’s CEE Regional Meeting. The event will take place on 7-10 September 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan For more info and registration, please click here.... »

World Environment Day

Every year on 5 June we celebrate the World Environment day. This day connected with festivities and demonstrations in all corners of the world. But we don’t remember the real aim of this holiday. We do not remember that this is not just the next memo on the calendar, after which you can freely sleep with satisfaction. This is a memorable day for all of us. It reminds us how fragile and vulnerable our world is. Most of the people could ignore that fact but not the Earth and not us. Let’s do this more than just the next memo, and do not regret about wasted time next year. Let’s make changes… Here is our previously made video... »

Moneypulation: “Consumption Trap”

We as consumers are being frequently misguided by producers, we spend more time and money on things that we do not need at all. Achieving sustainable living is an urgent and complex challenge of our current daily life, it requires new ways of thinking and collaborating. “Moneypulation: Consumption Trap” is a workshop regarding the way we consume to make it more sustainable. So, you can make rational choices concerning what you buy and why you buy. We want to reconcile your convictions with our project. We want to help to remove the obstacles for an enhanced sustainable consumption. This is the objective behind our brand-new project “Moneypulation: Consumption Trap”. We should start being kinder to the environment and... »

oikos Baku introductory video

14 November 2016 | Chapter-News | Education, Infrastructure

oikos Baku members prepared the video about Baku chapter in the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Enjoy 🙂... »

Model WTO on local TV Broadcast (ITV).

... »