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1-st Model WTO in Azerbaijan

09 May 2016 | Chapter-News | Trade

The Model WTO Baku Conference has been held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on 20th May 2016. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNEC, as well as “UNEC Model UN” Club and “Oikos Baku” international youth organization were the organizers of the event . More than 100 of local and overseas students from all higher education institutions of the country joined the conference held for the first time in Azerbaijan. “Building Trade Capacity: Challenges of Global Trading System” and “Country Working Group: Negotiations on Azerbaijan’s accession to WTO” were the 2 committees of the conference. Examining the problems in global trade and the ways to resolve them, representatives have prepared a plan of actions. Other students... »

Green Village Conference

15 March 2014 | Chapter-News

On 15th of March oikos Baku held first in Azerbaijan , event of a country scale on the idea of sustainability, Green Village Conference. The conference has been held in Nabran that lasted for two days. At the conference participated more than 50  students from Azerbaijan.  First day covered introduction part in which oikos Baku president gave information about oikos Baku. One of the main purposes of conference was to engage participants in new, sustainable  lifstyle . At the conference also participated  member of oikos Tbilisi Levan Pangni. During the conference there were held special trainings and workshops on team work , project management  ,leadership and information sessions. All participants were awarded with international certificates.... »

Memorandum with CASE

02 March 2014 | Chapter-News

oikos Baku continues to extend external relations . On 2-nd of March current president of oikos Baku Moshu Vekilov held meeting with the CEO of CASE (Coalition of Azerbaijani Students for Efficiency) Aliyar Huseynov. Within the Meeting there were discussed future planns of cooperation between organizations. Also in the end of the meeting between two organizations there was signed up a memorandum of understanding and cooperation. In the near future oikos Baku also plans to get new international relations and enter the international arena.... »

oikos Baku signed memorandum with AKGT

28 February 2014 | Chapter-News

On February 28, in the public building was signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two organizations oikos Baku and AKGT. The first minutes presidents of the two organizations discussed about point of memorandum , and immediately thereafter, was signed a memorandum. The main purpose of memorandum is to create base of volunteers for making our life better. At the end presidents wished each other a great success in developing our world!... »

Marketing of the XXI century

22 February 2014 | Chapter-News

On February 22 in the CASPIAN business center oikos Baku held training on business development . Training was entitled ” Marketing of the XXI century” and preformed by the founder of “Business Dialogue” Alexandr Magerramov. The main idea of the training was to show How to effectively promote new products and ideas in business. Such kind of trainings will be regulary performed during the year.... »

Last trainings by oikos baku

24 January 2014 | Chapter-News

End of 2013 oikos Baku completed two productive trainings. One of which was held in Baku University Qafqaz, other i the office of oikos in the auditorium. Training collected 70 students, all of the students had interviewed to participate in the training. Topic of training was “sustainable development of business, economics, and innovation.” Between professors and students were interesting dialogues, exchange of information and ideas. At the end of training were collective photos on memory. oikos team has set itself ambitious targets and, together with its members and students will achieve it!... »