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1-st Model WTO in Azerbaijan

09 May 2016 | Chapter-News | Trade

The Model WTO Baku Conference has been held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on 20th May 2016. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNEC, as well as “UNEC Model UN” Club and “Oikos Baku” international youth organization were the organizers of the event . More than 100 of local and overseas students from all higher education institutions of the country joined the conference held for the first time in Azerbaijan.

“Building Trade Capacity: Challenges of Global Trading System” and “Country Working Group: Negotiations on Azerbaijan’s accession to WTO” were the 2 committees of the conference.

Examining the problems in global trade and the ways to resolve them, representatives have prepared a plan of actions. Other students worked on Azerbaijan’s accession to WTO and forwarded their proposals. Later, representatives discussed the conditions required to join the WTO, commitments set forth and held debates. Conventional declarations were adopted by the participants at the end of the conference.

The proposals for Azerbaijan’s accession to WTO were put forward. “To be accepted by the WTO the country’s dependence on oil and gas export should be minimized over 15 years, particularly it should be focused on agriculture and tourism” were mentioned in the declaration. Student have proposed the liberalization of country’s trade should be ensured, customs matters should be simplified and the legislation should be brought in line with WTO standards.

The participants were awarded with certificates at the closing of the 3- day conference. Azerbaijan’s representative Eltaj Rustamli and Oman’s representative Ulvi Ojagli were awarded the ”best delegate” award. The Swedish representatives were distinguished as the “best delegation”.

Two winner students have gained the chance to participate at the “Model WTO” International conference to be held in Switzerland in April 2017.