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oikos Baku is happy to announce that positions of project manager for “oikos Talks 2” project, external relations manager , researcher and data analyst are open !!! It is a great chance for you to widen your knowledge on sustainability and get an experience of managing a project in a team . By applying , you will get an opportunity to encourage people to be more sustainable and contribute to the society.“oikos Talks 2”is a sequel to the project “oikos Talks” which had been undertaken to provide insights about sustainability within the scope of various fields with the primary objective of building a consistent background information among the target audience. Our aim is at covering one of the challenges faced by Azerbaijan today – sanitation, availability and access to clean water.

oikos Baku opens a platform for people where they can ask questions, share their experiences related to a sustainable life! We present you unprecedented monthly project «Ekoround» which aims to raise awareness on sustainability among Azerbaijani people through their education. The whole process involves conversations and workshops that will encourage people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate. Since «Ekoround» intends to expand the network of participants with reflective approaches and equip them with the planning skills, the monthly workshops will focus on: – Ability to deliver as well as design not only reflective but also effective sessions which will be adapted to varying educational approaches and environments -Being an essential part of the learning process, training of practical skills as a reflection of the given material So as to decrease our individual carbon footprints, merely eco-friendly vegetarian cafes will be chosen as the meeting place of “Ekoround”!