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    Moneypulation: Consumption Trap

    We as consumers are being frequently misguided by producers, we spend more time and money on things that we do not need at all. Achieving sustainable living is an urgent and complex challenge of our current daily life, it requires new ways of thinking and collaborating.

    “Moneypulation: Consumption Trap” is a workshop regarding the way we consume to make it more sustainable. So, you can make rational choices concerning what you buy and why you buy.

    We want to reconcile your convictions with our project. We want to help to remove the obstacles for an enhanced sustainable consumption. This is the objective behind our brand-new project “Moneypulation: Consumption Trap”. We should start being kinder to the environment and ourselves as well. We should set the goal of making our society with our actions better, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement as our main priority.

    To achieve the abovementioned goals, we should answer the following questions:
    – What is sustainable consumption?
    – How to avoid overconsumption?
    – How to achieve sustainable consumption habits?
    – How can we use our resources smarter and wiser?
    If you want to get answers to these questions, then hurry up and apply!
    During the workshop, our special experts will talk about the psychology of consumption, consumption obesity, marketing strategies, and sustainable living. Throughout the workshop, you will get useful tips to avoid manipulation by producers and achieve sustainability of your own pocket!

    Deadline for applications is 26 February 23:59, UTC+04.
    Application form here.