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CEE Meeting Booklet– Booklet for the event where you can find all the necessary information.

Why Leadership in Sustainable Urbanization?

– Because society always needs leaders who will show better alternatives, Ade from Columbia promoted new infrastructure for buses, that operate in whole Bogota, bicyclists association in Carbondale, U.S. achieved success after persuading local authorities to build bicycle route throughout the city.

What are actions that individual can take to create a positive change in urbanization or big cities that need further development?

-‘Leadership in Sustainable Urbanization’ is designed to show to participants during 3 days best examples of empowering leadership, give practical knowledge and opportunity to see sustainable actions that help to deal with urbanization problems.

We want to provide our participants with necessary skills and knowledge to implement projects for solving the challenges that urbanization brings in their own societies through cooperation. Leadership that you can do something alone, taking action on your own, without waiting for someone else. The leadership experts will define how you can implement in your daily life to impact others.