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    “oikos Debates” is a project that brings different approaches to around one table due to the negotiate various topics.

    Our aim by “oikos Debates” is covering main challenges faced by World and Azerbaijan today – Sustainable Economy, Ecology and Global Warming. “oikos Debates” will focus on 2 essential topics that are more disputable among different parties.


    1. Azerbaijan must give up its oil productions and change into Sustainable Economy and Ecology
    2. States must ban cigarette usages due to the health care of the population

    Mentors will be appointed by “oikos Baku”

    Besides them, “oikos Debates” will include fruitful discussions and workshops. The participants will be given a chance to ask questions to the mentors and have a discussion with them.

    After “oikos Debates”, participants will see the whole picture of the result. The project will propose new perspectives to look at the issue and generate new project managers to solve the issue at a community level.

    If you really care everyday impact of you on your Earth, your country, and your society, “oikos Debates” is the right place for you! Come and find like-minded people to make the world a better place to Live!


    All young people aged between 16 – 25 can participate in the event believing Azerbaijani youth is eligible to make changes for the better world!

    Date:  11 May, 2019