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    oikos Baku is delighted to introduce one of our projects – oikos Talks. The idea behind oikos Talks is to
    give insights about sustainability within the scope of various fields (Ecology, Economics, Engineering etc.)
    that are concerned.

    oikos Talks is a series of talk-events organized by oikos Baku. The objective of this event is to give students and young segment insights about sustainability from different perspectives. Also, the intention behind this event is to show how broad and branched the topic of sustainability actually is and to increase the public awareness among the students and interested listeners. Therefore oikos Baku invites experts from various fields of green economy to talk and exchange experiences about relevant topics.

    The primary objective to implement the project is to build a consistent background
    among the target audience (especially students and young segment) explaining the issue in a pretty
    understandable way. The need for this project to happen is concern about public awareness of sustainability,
    an intention of more people to get attracted and involved in the current and future ecological and economic
    problems and initiate more of the young generation to long for the sustainable future.

    oikos Talks have its contributions to different companies and organizations present in the business in both direct and indirect