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Economics as the ‘science of household economy’ and ecology as the ‘science of ecosystems’ have their common etymological root in the Greek word ‘oikos’. The founding members took this name to show the common origin of economy and the environment. With time, the field of interest became broader including topics of social responsibility. Nowadays, oikos stands for collegiate commitment to economical, ecological and social sustainability.

The mission of the organisation is to create and continuously develop events in which students can meet and share knowledge, as well as to create awareness in the student community about issues of:

* Environmental, social and financial sustainability in companies and organisations

* Ethical and responsible business and organizational practices

* Opportunities in the developing world for the private and public sector

The mission of the organisation is furthermore to do this by engaging students in self-driven and self-initiated activities in collaboration with a broad range of relevant actors within business, other universities, NGOs, media and public institutions.