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Workshops are the perfect way to actively engage students, allowing them to make an interplay between theory and practice. They lead to develop a high understanding of the issue presented and at the same time they allow to have fun in group whilst learning.

So far we have organised two workshops and we are pleased to say that both have been very successful.

– Innovation Quest 2013. We collaborated along e-joventut in their annual event, by organising one workshop about effcient clients research for specefic projects. It was conducted by Rosa Vilasarau (Noem – Customizable Sustainable Homes). We are proud to say that the feedback of the event’s participants was very satisfactory and they placed us as the third best workshop.

– Design Thinking Game. Along E3 and with the collaboration of Alexandra Etel (Connecting Brains), we hold a workshop about innovative sustainability. Great ideas were popped out on how to perform changes to improve our university campus as well as possible projects to be developed. Our minds, a plentiful source of brilliance when put together.