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Spring Meeting Workshop Selection

16 March 2019 | Novosti

Dear oikees taking part at Spring Meeting 2019.


We have prepared 3 workshops for you to choose from and take part on Sunday 17th of March starting at 14:30.


We suggest you read some information about every workshop to help you decide which to take 🙂


Business Model Innovation - by Dušan Vukanović

Competitiveness of companies in today’s digital economy are more and more relying on their ability to design sustainable and profitable business models. We can also hear more and more people talking about business model innovation, looking to successful examples from different industries such as Google, IKEA, Airbnb, AliExpress, Tesla, Rolls Royce, Nespresso, Hilti and many others.

But what exactly is business model and how to innovate it?

The aim of this workshop is to introduce to the basic of business models and to inspire you to innovate business model of your current organization, regardless of from which industry it is coming. You will be introduced to key concepts and get practical answers and tools for designing and innovating sustainable business models.

Key outcomes of the workshop will be:

  • Understanding the basics of business models
  • Awareness of the opportunities that new business models can create
  • Know-how on how to innovate existing business models


Aquaponics - Future of Urban Food Production - Petar Martinović

Bringing food production into cities would cut the need for transportation and thus cut the CO2 emmision, while providing fresh food for city inhabitants. But could it be done efficiently and could it be done in a more sustainable way than convetional farming? Aquaponics might be an answer to these questions.


Start Your StartUp - Alter5 Team

We are Alter5, a young startup which, using the potential of nature and technology, is working on the realization of innovative air purifier based on algae. We have perceived a global problem of air pollution as crucial and its consequences profound, and as ambitious young people, we strive to contribute to the overall quality of life.


You hear about startups quite often, but you are not sure how to enter that exciting world? Do you believe us if we tell you that the path from the idea to first steps of realization is much shorter then you have expected? We will present you the basics of LEAN methodology and through an interactive workshop, we will guide you to the beginning of an implementation of a startup. During our mutual work, we want to hear YOU- what is your inspiration, and what annoys you? We'll talk about ideas, fresh starts, and numerous problems you can encounter on the way to building a startup.


Select the workshop by putting your name in the Google Sheet provided in the email and also on oikos SM Belgrade WhatsApp group.