Michal Kišša

Exucutive director of Business leaders Forum and Senior program manager for sustainable development in Pontis Fundation

Michal Kišša will talk about activities of Pontis Foundation in supporting CSR in Slovakia focusing on the Via Bona Award for CSR and the Business Leaders Forum.

Since 1998, Pontis Foundation awards the prestigious Via Bona Slovakia Award to the most inspiring corporate philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship projects. Dozens of large and small companies annually submit their nominations to inspire other companies with their activities and get feedback from respected evaluators.

Business Leaders Forum (BLF) is an association of companies that pledged to become leaders in asserting the principles of corporate responsibility in Slovakia. BLF mission is to cultivate the society by creating and introducing standards of corporate responsibility. BLF was officially established in April 2004. It resulted from an effort to create an until then non existent platform of businesses operating in the territory of the Slovak Republic which could become models and guarantors of responsible entrepreneurship in Slovakia. BLF now consists of 36 member companies.

Rado Mizera

Radoslav Mizera 

Vice President of Solved 

Radoslav Mizera will introduce Solved, the world’s leading cleantech virtual cocreation platform for designing sustainable solutions for cities, industries and real estate developers.

Solved lets you easily cooperate with the best cleantech experts. Solved brings together over 1500 leading experts through new ways of working in order to cocreate appealing solutions. Solved offers the ultimate, holistic cleantech advisory on demand, and a chance to create own projects and utilize the community to increase business – fast. Solved was launched as a Cleantech Finland’s online service in 2012, and established as a separate company in May 2013.

The presentation will focus on Eco+Design and how it can help enable the transformation towards green & clean economy. By looking at few projects, mostly from Finland, the idea of virtual collaboration among the experts in field of cleantech will be showcased. At the end, we will have an overview of the most exciting Slovak cleantech startups.


Julia Bulatova


Julia Bulatova will be talking about the importance of sustainability in higher education for better companies.

Lecturer in RISEBA, from 2001, the subjects: Cross- Cultural studies, Social Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Business Ethics and CSR. Am an EBEN (European Business Ethics Network) member, research interest are: organisational trust, ethical and unethical (psychopatic) leadership, innovativeness and creativity, societal well-being.

Background: psychology (social and educctional, Cambridge University, as well as clinical, University of Latvia), MBA (Salford Univeristy).

She is a member of alternative Energy company Aenergo


Ivana Maleš


Circular Economy Institute

Ivana Maleš will speak about why circular economy is a great tool for CSR activities.

Circular economy is the new way of how society works and is a big part of the future green economy. Circular economy goes beyond recycling as it is based around a restorative industrial system geared towards designing out waste.

Circular Economy Institute is a Slovak NGO which presents network of professionals whose aim is to establish awareness about circular economy and implementation of projects according to principles of circular economy.

Partners of INCIEN are municipalities, schools and private entities. In each of our projects we bring solutions that fit the partners needs – we do not apply the same technologies and solutions in all the projects. Every project is unique. In schools we teach future generations about how linear model of waste works in practice and how can we already make it more circular by making small decisions every day.

Our goal is to achieve that Slovakian people will follow the principles of circular economy and will join the way how the society should operate, with their everyday activities.