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oikos Brussels

oikos Brussels is a local chapter, part of oikos International, a student association that aims to promote sustainable economics and management education, purposed for a sustainable world.

We encourage (future) managers to integrate the different aspects of sustainable development into their daily lives and their careers. Our goal is to create a new generation of responsible managers, as we believe that social, environmental and economic sustainability are essential for our future.

To achieve this goal, we organize a wide range of projects and partnerships.

oikos Brussels runs 5 projects annually.

Raising Awareness Initiative. We organize and promote various events such as conferences, workshops and movie screenings on sustainability matters, to hare the knowledge and the passion that we believe will move this world.

Green Campus Initiative. We work tirelessly to improve our campus to put it on the map of sustainable campuses, through the implementation of various projects like a better waste management system, bicycle-friendly upgrades and a car sharing app, together with the precious help and support of the Institution.

Sharing Initiative. We promote sustainable consumption and sharing through organizing some lunch events where we sell affordable, home made lunches, pancakes and other consumables, made with sustainable ingredients, and a lot of love.

Network Initiative. We believe that cooperation is the key to a brighter future, and that is why we support various initiatives that take roots outside of the realm of ICHEC, such as Amnesty International candles.

Curricular Initiative. We work in collaboration with the teachers to enhance the traditional education system and materials to bring sustainability within our studies on Management and Economics.

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Contact: Gregory Vrient, President

Address: Rue au Bois 365, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Belgium

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