oikos Cologne is one of the first international chapters of the oikos network founded in 1998. Around 30 active members are engaged to bring more sustainable and a more plural perspective on the management and economics curricula. For that purpose, they organize lectures and discussions on economic topics to advocate critical thinking about current economic teaching, facilitate events on general topics of sustainability in everyday life and provide a platform for students to work on becoming changemakers for a better world.

oikos Cologne runs 4 projects a year.

Reading circle on Plural Economics: Weekly meeting where different approaches of economic theory are discussed.

Economist 4 Future: Organizing events open for the public in order to advocate new perspectives on economic thinking.

Sustainability in everyday life: Clean-Ups, Talks, Workshops & a variety of other events are organized by this working group in order to transfer knowledge about how to start acting more sustainable in daily life. This group is connected to several other local initiatives in order to make a range of influence and impact as high as possible.

Sustainable Companies & Initiatives: This new program is working on bringing attention alternatives to mainstream companies in order to help students find a job in sustainable areas.

More programs to come. We have a variety of ideas and want to empower students to implement their own projects. Do you have a project idea that you want to conduct? Or interested in joining one of our existing working groups? Write us an e-mail or reach out to us via our social media channels.

Email: info@cologne.oikos-international.org

Contact Person: Kai Prößdorf / Jana Schneeloch 

Address: PF 410713 , 50867 Köln, Germany