oikos St.Gallen is a founding chapter of oikos and a leading student organisation for sustainability in business and economics at the University of St.Gallen.

oikos St. Gallen runs 9 projects annually:

EcoMap. EcoMap promotes sustainable businesses in various categories such as groceries, mobility, restaurants, recycling, cosmetics or clothing to students, residents, and tourists visiting the respecting region.

Evolve. Social Entrepreneurship – a Blackbox? What does Social Entrepreneurship actually stand for and how can it be implemented in enterprises? We want to answer these and many further questions in our 2nd EVOLVE-Conference. Change on Campus. Change on Campus aims to transform the University of St. Gallen in a more sustainable environment and to arouse attention and interest for sustainability on the entire campus.

Un-Dress. Sustainable and fashionable? Un-Dress shows that this goes together very well. The Un-Dress project is a one-day fashion event comprising workshops, speakers and a fashion show in the evening.

OISMAK. As OISMAK we believe that it is possible to prepare sustainable and seasonal meals which are easy to make and also super delicious. OISMAK provides a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes, especially adapted to conscious students living an exciting and quite busy life at university.

oikos Conference. As the oldest and one of the largest oikos initiatives the oikos Conference takes place each autumn at the campus of the University of St. Gallen since 1989. A mix of keynote speeches, workshops and panel discussions offers a platform for students to initiate a dialogue with representatives from academia and economy regarding sustainable ideas.

Sustainability Week. Sustainability Week dedicates its efforts to promoting various sustainable aspects of a certain theme during a whole week on Campus. This year’s topic is Sustainability in Sports. oikos&Pizza. This project takes place in the form of an event, where different guest speakers are invited to talk about how sustainability is put into practice in their company or their work field.

Sustainable Finance. Making money while doing good. Isn’t it amazing? Sustainable Finance has arisen in the past few years as a relevant alternative for economic institutions. Our goal at the oikos St.Gallen Sustainable Finance Project is to share with our community what is going on in the field.

Website: https://www.oikos-stgallen.com/

Email: marketing@stgallen.oikos-international.org

Contact Person: Alexandra Furio, Head of Marketing & IT

Address: oikos St. Gallen Dufourstrasse 50 9000 St. Gallen Switzerland