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Apply to Social Entrepreneurship Workshop with Donkey Republic

23 February 2016 | Chapter-News

Apply to Social Entrepreneurship workshop with Erdem Ovacik, co-founder and CEO of Donkey Republic!

What is Donkey Republic? 
Donkey Republic is a Copenhagen-based start-up, offering rental bikes (“Donkeys”) at different locations all over the city. You can easily book your bike online and then unlock it 24/7 via your mobile phone upon arrival. Donkey Republic believes in creating better cities, happier people and a better environment through a simple means of urban transportation. Being based in Copenhagen, with one of the strongest urban bike system in the world, Donkey Republic is close to new bike trends. For more information go to: http://donkey.bike/

Theme of the workshop:
Currently, Donkey Republic focuses on renting bikes out to visitors. There will be two parts in the workshop: in the first part you will define the Donkey Republic customer profiles (personas). Building on this, during the second part you will develop and discuss channels and marketing strategies Donkey Republic could adopt to expand its footprint.

Participants will receive a discount code and will be asked to try out a Donkey for free before the workshop. In addition, it is useful to read through a couple of reports about bike sharing and urban transport.

Apply to one of the limited spots by sending: 
– The link to your Linkedin profile or your CV
To Erdem Ovacik (erdem@donkeyrepublic.com) by Friday, 26th of February.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via greenweek@oikos-copenhagen.org if you have any questions!