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    Like our ideas and want to make change happen? 

    oikos is looking for new members! 

    We are currently looking for new members.

    oikos Copenhagen is divided into functions and projects.

    The first step of your application process is applying to a function through GraduateLand; when uploading your motivational letter, make sure to specify the projects you would like to work in (see projects description on this website, under PROJECTS section). These are the link:


    ?‍? Project Management: https://goo.gl/AtUzAR

    ? Communication: https://goo.gl/PKeqAE

    ? Engagement: https://goo.gl/RBUP2c

    ? Finance: https://goo.gl/duquEM

    ? Relation Track: https://goo.gl/aSc3e7

    ? Integrated Project: https://goo.gl/1Dv3Uq

    Do you want to apply to the Integrated Project? Here are the links for each track:

    ✏️ Track 1 – Accenture Danmark + City of Copenhagen: https://goo.gl/34cSia

    ✏️ Track 2 – Pylon Network: https://goo.gl/X88hmi

    ✏️ Track 3 – Penstable: https://goo.gl/vyHmhq

    ✏️ Track 4 – IBM: https://goo.gl/3MV95q

    Just want to stay updated and share our ideas?

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