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Oikos Effect

Oikos Effect

The mission is to bring student closer to the sustainable business movement and support a platform that creates career opportunities in the field of Sustainability.

What is it about?

You will support Graduateland in the promotion of the Virtual Career Fair by organizing one explanatory workshop and promoting the event on social media. You will present the result at the oikos event for the SDG Day.

Project structure

  • SDG Day April 25th

Our partners

Graduateland will provide support in the ideation of the communication strategy and by providing you relevant contacts and visual contents to spread the word. You will be able to present the state-of-the-art of careers opportunities in the field of sustainability during the SDG Day, organized by CBS PRME


You will be able to discover many different career opportunities and act in favor of students seeking a future in a sustainable business setting. You will learn how to use @Graduateland’s platform to get the best out of your participation at the career fair. You can get first-hand experience in communication and event planning, as well as in bringing together high-profile guest speakers and contribute to the professional development of your student community.