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About Green Week

CBS Green Week

Raising awareness on the topic of sustainability at CBS

About CBS Green Week

Sustainability has become an increasingly important part of our everyday lives and business considerations. During CBS Green Week, several lectures, workshops and other activities are offered to students from all Universities with the aim of raising awareness and enhancing students’ knowledge of highly relevant sustainability topics.

Green Week provides an excellent platform for students and inspiring personalities from industry, politics and public life to meet and discuss about sustainability in the context of different industries. During the last years, well-known international companies such as Accenture, Statkraft Norway, BMWi, Tesla Motors, IFU, Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg have presented and offered workshops at Green Week. However, we do not limit our scope to international companies. Every year, local Danish companies provide highly relevant and valuable insights into their sustainable innovations and business models.

Five reasons to participate:

  • Get informed about current sustainability topics
  • Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life
  • Take the opportunity to engage in discussions with experts in this field
  • Learn about potential job opportunities within the field of sustainability
  • Enhance your personal and professional network