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Social Pioneers

Social Pioneers

The project aims at bringing together students and social entrepreneurs for the purpose of encouraging sustainable business success

What is it about?

The project is the son of our dear @develop prize, with particular attention on social entrepreneurship.

A team of committed and skilful students will design, coordinate and execute a 2 days Social Pioneers Hackathon, aimed at unleashing the potential of early stage startups within the framework of the Sustainable Development goals.

Project structure

  • Devise the Hackaton Plan
  • get in contact with sustainable startups
  • recruit talented students
  • Coordinate the event

Our partners

Social Pioneers Hackaton will be hosted by the @Student and Innovation House.


The project will allow you to scout the Copenhagen startup network and find new partners among the most needing, motivated and promising startups. It is a great opportunity to conceptualize, organize and participate to unique workshops and activities as well as explore the opportunities within the SDG Framework.