The Dynamics of Migration

19-24 August 2012

Geneva, Switzerland

The oikos Foundation and The Graduate Institute’s Programme for the Study of Global Migration (Geneva) will convene the second annual Young Scholars Economics Academy on August 19-24, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Migration is a complex phenomenon that has the potential to transform individuals and societies by affecting employment, development, culture, trade, investment, and environment. At the same time, these factors also influence migration patterns and the lives of migrants. While various theories have been proposed to explain the causes and effects of migration, there is still very limited understanding of migration’s dynamics. 

The Academy provides PhD students and young scholars a global platform to identify and advance rigorous policy-oriented research on migration and its multiple causes and effects. We aim to stimulate progress within academic research and to support scholars to publish in leading international journals.

The programme will encompass graduate student presentations, guest lectures, professional development roundtables and social events.

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The oikos Foundation and The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva are committed to strengthening excellence within the international academic community in the field of Sustainability Management and Economics. For information on additional oikos young scholars academies in finance, organization theory, entrepreneurship, and development – and other academic projects – please refer to our websites:



PhD students and young scholars may submit papers or elaborated research proposals on migration in relation to:

  • Remittances and development
  • Poverty and economic inequality
  • Health, education, and saving
  • Climate change and the environment
  • Labor markets and intellectual capital
  • Trade and foreign direct investment
  • Institutional and technological change and innovation
  • Cultural identity

Fellow students and internationally well-reputed researchers will give feedback:

            Katrina Burgess, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA

            Deepti Goel, Delhi School of Economics, India

           Marcelo Olarreaga, University of Geneva, Switzerland


Edo Mahendra

University of Oxford
“Trade Liberalisation and Migration: NAFTA and the Case of Mexico-US”

Ingrid Dallmann

Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne
“Climate Variability and Internal Migration: A Test on Indian Inter-State Migration”

Giulia Bettin

Università Politecnica delle Marche
“Does climate change foster emigration from less developed countries? Evidence from bilateral data”

Lorena Castro

Stanford University
“How do Major Sociopolitical Events Shape Attitudes about Assimilation among the Mexican-origin population in the US? Evidence from the 2006 Immigrant Rights Marches”

Moritz Bonn

University of Siegen
“Costs and Benefits of Immigration and Multicultural Interaction”

Cedric Gorinas

Aarhus University
“Reinvestigating the Determinants of Bilateral Migration Flows: The Role of Natives’ Attitudes toward Immigrants”

Jaime Lara

El Colegio de Mexico
“International Migration and Human Capital: The Effects on Mexican Youths”

Crystal Yi Zhan

University of California, San Diego
“School and Neighborhood: Residential Location Choice of Immigrants in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area”

Janani Thapa

Texas Tech University
“Health disparity between immigrant and non immigrant Hispanic population in Rural Communities of West Texas”

Maroula Khraiche

Colorado College
“Brain Gain with Limited Commitment”

Ehsan Vallizadeh

Maastricht University
“The Impact of Medium-Skilled Immigration: A Two-Sector Approach”

Metka Hercog

“Experiences in the host countries and return plans”

Mary Boatemaa Osei Kyei

University of Ghana
” “Where to live” and “How to survive”: Return and Reintegration of Ghanaian migrants”

Andreas Steinmayr

University of St. Gallen

“A Principal Stratification Framework for Estimating the Effects of Migration on Remaining Household Members”

Bilisuma Bushie Dito

Maastricht University
“The Effects of Transnational Child Raising Arrangements on the Wellbeing of Ghanaian Migrant Parents in The Netherlands”