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Why Social Entrepreneurship Aid is Putting Asia on the Shelf

05 August 2013 | Editor's Pick, News

Why hasn’t impact investing taken off in China & Southeast Asia? An analysis of key cultural, demographic and perceptual factors could explain why North American and European firms are hesitant to enter the industry. …»... »

MBAs to meet the challenge of sustainability

29 July 2013 | Editor's Pick, News

Financial Times, 29 July 2013 – On the northern outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia is a small, private school with an entrepreneurial sideline. Each day from a classroom on campus the school runs a pizzeria and ice cream shop. The money raised is donated to a local grassroots organisation that helps children from six to 16 to remain at school by offering programmes that focus on language, communication and study skills. Read the full article on FT.com... »