Students’ role in making their university a pioneer in sustainability – Sustainability Days at the University of Graz

09 December 2020 | Featured

Sustainability Days is a long-running annual project organized at the University of Graz by students in cooperation with oikos Graz and other organizations since 2016. This year it made it into the finals of the International Green Gown Awards, gaining recognition as a highly commended project. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.... »

oikos is growing into a fully remote organization

23 November 2020 | Featured

Over the past months, the virtual world has become an ever-more tangible reality for many who shifted to remote work, whether they wanted or not. At oikos International, we started with shifting our work to the clouds back in 2016 – with the whole management team working remotely since the beginning of 2019. The sole exception: the president. Now, we are taking a leap to remove this exception… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.... »

Three sustainable business case studies that will change your curricula! – Announcing the Case Writing Competition winners

09 November 2020 | Featured

We’re delighted to present the winners of the 2020 oikos Case Writing Competition and their cases! READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.... »

Defining Sustainability: oikos’ understanding of sustainability & sustainable development

14 October 2020 | Featured

What does sustainability mean? Why and how do we act and inspire towards sustainability as an organization? How do we make sure that the change we make is sustainable as such? Many questions – here we outline some answers that manifest our standpoint from a scientific perspective. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE... »