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Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2.0

The project aims to create a sustainability report about the Universität Hamburg (2011-2014) in cooperation with the Prof. Dr. Bassen (expert for sustainability reporting), Center for a Sustainable University of the Universität Hamburg (KNU) and the administration department of the university. Report regarding the 4 areas: “teaching, research & transfer“, “ecological”, “economic”, “social”. Up to 15 members have worked two years (06/2014 – 08/2016) for this report.

The final report is available in German.


Since 2014, following the example of St. Gallen, our project team creates an interactive map of Hamburg, which shows sustainable restaurants and shops. The project aims to create and increase the awareness for the availability of sustainable products as well as to make sustainable consumption more comfortable through the given information. The project team with up to 10 members visits and evaluates the restaurants/shops according to a standardised questionnaire.

Some spots are already online on the EcoMap Hamburg.


The high consumption of ToGo-coffee cup, especially at universities, creates a large amount of waste. This projects aims to raise awareness for the environmental damage caused by the cups and to create more sustainable, but still comfortable and affordable alternative at the campus. Thus, the amount of waste should be radically lowered. The project team with up to 7 members plans a sticker campaigne and other awareness rising compaignes. Besides, they meet with institutional partners in order to discuss alternatives.

oikos Events

oikos Hamburg e.V. regularly organizes events about different aspects of sustainable living and economy. Since the winter term 2016/17, the project team plans not only one, but 3 events in each semester. The events target primarily students, but other interested people are also very welcomed. The events will include a short speach of and a discussion with a company/project representative as well as a workshop. Thus, it aims to increase theoretical and practical knowledge.

In the winter term 2016/17, the overall topic is “resource conservation” and first two events will highlight this ascept in the area of clothing and food. The area of the last event is not fixed yet.
Spring Meeting 2017

In 2017 oikos Hamburg e.V. is hosting the oikos “Spring Meeting”, where the international oikos community come together to exchange and learn more about on specific aspect of sustainable economy. Up to 140 international students will deal with the topic of sustainable consumption under the title: USE YOUR POWER – Empowering Young Leaders for Sustainable Decisions.

Get more information about Spring Meeting 2017.