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Youth engagement in Transforming Education is a story to tell.
The Transforming Education Case Stories are a way for oikos student change agents to reflect on the milestones & challenges on their paths, and who they have been traveling with on the journey.
By sharing their stories, our student groups & their allies gain the chance to leverage their impact through insight into next steps and inspiring others to get involved with their own institutions.

We show the world what engaged students are capable of doing in an often challenging environment – from multiple contexts like society, ecology, economy, bureaucracy and many more.

Browse through our stories below – and contribute with your own!

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Story Labs
Humans think in stories. It is how we see the world & also, how we can change it. With continuous practice, we get more aware of our own stories & see how stories of others shape our own.

We are practicing this in the form of story labs: co-creative places where students can come together & start exploring. They are a set of experimental formats we offer that are freely available fro the public & can be adapted by local student groups.

Find out more about our next events or reach out to co-create your own story lab.

Cases for Sustainability

A new Approach to Case Studies

oikos has a history in inviting people to create case studies on sustainability. Our collection of over 200 cases has been evolving ever since 2001 and covers several topics related to sustainability.

Back in the days, faculty faced the need for new, innovative teaching materials: there was nothing out there! Nowadays, more & more material of differing quality can be freely accessed. Does this serve our needs in an ever-changing world? We believe it’s time to shed the light on the stories behind the case studies, how they have been evolving and who were the people that drive the change. We invite you to dive into the case studies and the context around them. In this sense, every case is a story to learn and explore how we can bring change to the world & how change is evolving over time.
This is an invitation to explore together – with & through students.

 Use our Case story learning note as a starting point for a more innovative use of case studies!
Transforming Education