Due to the global pandemic of COVID19 Spring Meeting 2020 will be organized online. More information will follow.

oikos Spring Meeting is one of the biggest annual events of oikos community organized to gather and discuss various fields of sustainability. Starting from 2010, with the first Spring meeting in Reims, France, it takes place every year in different places by their local chapter, who chooses the topic of the conference. The goal of the meeting is to connect, as well as inspire the community to exchange and collaborate together, share and discuss thoughts and various perspectives on the topic, think out of the box, learn from each other and to bring that oikos international atmosphere and inputs back to the chapters to all together achieve a greater impact. The event is opened to oikos members and alumni.

oikos Spring Meeting 2020

Spring Meeting 2020 will be held online from 17th to 19th of April.

Recently, Inclusive Development has become a topic of crucial importance all over the world. This concept extends traditional models of economic development, with particular emphasis on health equality, human capital, environmental quality, social protection, and food security.

According to The World Economic Forum 2018 reports (Inclusive Development Index – IDI), Azerbaijan holds the third-highest rank in an inclusive development index among the economies of 79 developing countries.

Particularly, Baku is one of the foremost spots in the world with more than 4 million people and more than 15 diverse nationalities as well as religions and it gives the real feeling of inclusiveness.

Thuswise, in this venture, oikos Baku will emphasize Social, Ecological, and Relational Inclusiveness to be as subjects of Spring Meeting 2020.


oikos Spring Meeting 2020 Virtual Conference Tentative Agenda


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Spring Meeting 2019 - Belgrade

Theme: Sustainable Urbanism

Date: 15-18 March 2018

Location: Belgrade (Serbia)

Please find more information here: https://oikos-international.org/spring-meeting-2019//

Spring Meeting 2018 - Barcelona

Theme: Sustainable Tourism and Mobility

Date: 8-11 March 2018

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Please find more information here: https://oikos-international.org/spring-meeting-2018/

Spring Meeting 2017 - Hamburg

Theme: Sustainable Consumption

Date: 23-26 March 2017

Location: Hamburg (Germany)

Organising team: Pauline Sprenger, Franziska Straten and team; in collaboration with Anita Negri and Levan Pangani of oikos International.

Contact us at: springmeeting@oikos-hamburg.org

Spring Meeting 2016 - Lille

Theme: Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset (#EntreMind)

Date: 17-20 March 2016

Location: Lille (France)

Organising team: Francois Lebrun, Myriam Masso, Yazid Sayah, Omar Riffi, Anais Viviche and Alice Alamasset; in collaboration with Anita Negri of oikos International.

For updates: Facebook

Contact us at: springmeeting@oikos-lille.org

The Spring Meeting 2016 will take place in the very north of France, Lille. Being a centre of responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship, the oikos Lille team decided to construct a programme which will allow participants to get in touch with local entrepreneurs and experts in the field. Participants will also engage in a simulation game throughout the three days and enhance their social entrepreneurial mindset via external and internal inspiration. The programme will soon be featured on oikos-lille.org.

Spring Meeting 2015 - London

Theme: Sustainability in Finance

Date: 26th-29th March 2015

Location: London (United Kingdom)

Organising team: Connor Brooks, Moritz Schwarz, Nasir Ibrahim, Nathanael Didillon, Oliver Lysaght, Pierre Dupuis, Pierre Lostis, Shino Hirasaki; in collaboration with Anita Negri of oikos International.

For updates: Twitter and Facebook

Contact us at: spring.meeting@oikos-london.org

The 2015 oikos Spring Meeting will be hosted in London between March 26th and 29th 2015. It will bring together 120 students from across the globe to enquire, think and talk about the relationship between finance and sustainability alongside LSE students and expert speakers. We will examine this relationship from two angles: firstly looking at the sustainability of our financial system. Influential speakers such as Bernard Lietaer and Ben Dyson will introduce us to inbuilt instabilities in the current financial system and offer recommendations on enhancing its stability and capacity to benefit society. We will, secondly, look at how to finance sustainable development, recognising that to encourage sustainability in society, financial flows must be galvanised to this end. The London spring meeting will offer a diagnosis of issues and recommendations from a variety of actors in moving forward which will amount to a deeply informative experience. We look forward to having you!


Here are some impressions of oikos Spring Meetings.


Spring Meeting 2014 - Copenhagen

The oikos Spring Meeting is the biggest annual oikos student community gathering hosted by an oikos Chapter. The 2014 Spring Meeting in Copenhagen is going to provide a 4-day platform for 120 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. It will offer a platform to design initiatives, engage the oikos community in pursuing them and fuel our journey towards higher impact.

The oikos Spring Meeting 2014 will take place on 3 – 6 April in Copenhagen. As Copenhagen is awarded the European Green Capital for 2014 by the European Commission, this year’s theme is „Sustainable Cities: Challenges and Strategies“. We have planned for you seminars, workshops and panel discussions in relation to the theme. As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos Spring Meeting 2014 will offer insights to learn together and develop impact-full projects and initiatives in oikos. Apart from that, there will also be a lot of social activities and we will have lots of fun!

More information here:

Website: https://oikos-international.org/copenhagen/projects/conference/about-us/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oikosSM14?fref=ts

Spring Meeting 2013 - Maastricht

Theme: Sustainable Investment

Date: 14th-17th March 2013

Location: Maastricht (The Netherlands)

Organising team: Anita Negri, Lotta Lichtenberger, Florian Lorisch, Katja Wachter, Floor van der Geest and helpers; in collaboration with Lenka Parkanova and Dawid Wroblewski of oikos International.

For updates: Facebook and Twitter

Contact us at: spring.meeting@oikos-maastricht.org (+31 433885298)

“Our real problem, then, is not our strength today; it is rather the vital necessity of action today to ensure our strength tomorrow” – D.D. Eisenhower

During the Spring Meeting, oikees will have the opportunity to dive deep into sustainable investment and topics that fall close to or within it such as corporate governance, sustainable banking or responsible investment.

The aim of the Spring Meeting is to allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the mentioned topics by engaging in individual and group projects, consulting experts and hands on experiences. All this is expected to be enhanced by the atmosphere that the 2013 Spring Meeting aims to provide: an international and multicultural environment where networking is key to exchanging ideas.

The IISD claims that it is difficult to pin down an exact definition for sustainable investment. When one invests sustainably, they intend to plan for both the present and the future. The integration of ESG factors (Environment, Social factors and Governance) is essential, ensuring a long-term investment strategy.

Spring Meeting 2012 - Barcelona

oikos Spring Meeting Barcelona 2012

The objective of the oikos Spring Meeting 2012 is to gather international community of oikos members with an aim to share ideas and perspectives on the future of Mobility and to enable exchange of experiences from locally organised projects. The Meeting is going to be held  at the ESADE University in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) from 29th March to 1st April 2012.
We expect participation of about 100 students from all over the world, especially from Europe, who are going to stay in hostels situated in the centre of Barcelona.


This year we have decided to talk about Sustainable Mobility because it is a current and interesting topic that recognises the challenges related to transportation, shipment of goods and general communication. It is a concept born from the concern for environmental and social problems caused by the spread of an urban transport model, focused on the petrol-fueled cars, which developed during the second half of the twentieth century.

The problems of this model include: air pollution, excessive consumption of energy, side-effects harmful for citizen’s health and overcrowded roads. In Spain, for instance,  transport represents a quarter of the gas emission and 36% of the Spanish energy consumption.

The above have triggered a collective will to find solutions which would mitigate the negative effects of this model and to develop a new, alternative one.

Concepts of Sustainable Mobility suggest actions that help to reduce those negative effects. Examples of these responsible practices are as follows: forward-looking urban planning; travelling on foot, by bike or with public transport; sharing a car with co-workers; replacing abroad meetings with teleconferences and many more. We will try to equip you with a proper knowledge and awareness that will enable you, oikos change agents, to promote appropriate lifestyles and also recognise the opportunities that still stand before corporate world, public administration or shipment companies.


oikos Spring Meeting in Sant Cugat will be a feast for mind and spirit. Series of content driven sessions as well as fun, hands-on projects await you. Already excited? Keep on reading 😉
Participants are arriving on Thursday morning and we are going to start with the “ice-breaker” session on the midday so that participants would socialise and get to know each other. In the afternoon we will get first insights into the topic of Sustainable Mobility that will prepare us for an on-site investigation of mobility related solutions implemented in Sant Cugat, where ESADE campus is based. It will be a guided walk around the city, lead by representatives of City Hall, experts form the field and members of oikos Barcelona. Finally, after a dinner, we’ll be screening a movie related to the meeting’s theme.

Friday will be opened with visits in one of two exceptional companies: Seat (car factory with an assembly line of electric vehicles) or bicing (Barcelona’s bike renting scheme). Afterwards, for the rest of the day, we will move to Barcelona’s Botanic Garden. We will dive into a series of oikos sessions: “Legislative meeting”, “Chapter Fair” and the “Peer2peer”. Then, at 16:00, we will listen to a serious Panel Discussion in which we will assess the current state and also predict 2020 scenario for Mobility worldwide. Finally, before having lunch, we will invite you for a night-tour of Barcelona, which will be concluded with a Flashmob performance.
On Sunday morning we are going to have the first workshop session, in which teams of oikees will be analysing cases related to teleconferencing, infrastructure for electric vehicles, car sharing, corporate car-pooling or will try to solve some of ESADE’s burning problems. Between those sessions, we’ll be planting trees in ESADE garden – activity that shall be both educational and entertaining. After a day of such an intense brainstorming, we will move to Barcelona where as an oikos biking gang we will cycle along Barcelona’s coast line.

Of course you can also count on a Barcelona-style oikos Party on Saturday’s night!

The prospects for this event are really high and we expect that it is going to be an event without precedence, very enriching intellectually and spiritually.

Your oikos Barcelona team.

On September 7-9 oikos Tbilisi, together with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University has organized CEE Regional Meeting on the topic – “Sustainable Agritourism” in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Spring Meeting 2011 - Prague

Theme: Sustainable Architecture: Space for Living

Date: 24th-27th March 2011

Location: Prague

Organising Team:

Stepan Trojanek and team (oikos Prague)

Harriet Jackson and Patricia Mesquita (oikos International)

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Sustainable Architecture: Space for Living

Architecture is an important element of our lives, shaping the environment where we spend most of our time. As such, it is certainly worthy of our attention, as it significantly influences our health, productivity or comfort and the quality of life itself.

At the same time, heating, ventilating and air conditioning of buildings require considerable amounts of energy and contribute to our overall carbon emissions. In fact, studies show that building insulation is one of the most cost-efficient measures we can adopt in our struggle against climate change.

During the oikos Spring Meeting in Prague, oikos members from around the world will have the opportunity to find out more about architecture from the sustainability perspective. They will learn about current trends and technologies and will be able to actually see real-life applications.

Besides the new, the now obsolete buildings and areas such as brownfields and their current potential will not be forgotten.  Together, we will also try to look into the future and what solutions are going to be necessary in face of changing conditions.

Last but not least, we will explore alternative approaches to architecture and challenge the mainstream thinking. All this in an unforgettable setting of Prague with its rich architectural heritage which should provide a contrast to current trends and help us see the issues from long-term historical perspective.

Spring Meeting 2010 - Reims

Sustainable Marketing: goals and processes

Marketing seems to make sustainable development more and more fashionable. Is it the evidence that our consumption becomes gradually respectful of the environment?
This year’s oikos Spring Meeting will be held in Reims – a city in the heart of the Champagne region of France.  The theme of the Spring Meeting 2010, “Sustainable Marketing: Goals and Processes”, aims at further understanding how marketing can be sustainable.
We are facing today a range of environmental issues: pollution, loss of biodiversity and climate change, many of them having roots in the way we consume. Sustainable marketing is a process of using traditional marketing tools for products that respect the environment and ecosystems. Thus, sustainable marketing fosters a change in consumption patterns.
Sustainable marketing is used not only by companies with strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices but also by some pioneering companies which proved that moving towards more sustainable marketing practices can be a shrewd business move. For many, operating in an ethically and environmentally responsible way proves to be a cost-effective strategy to win new customers. In addition, sustainable marketing practices often make a company more attractive for investments thus enabling easier funding. At the same time, sustainable marketing also contributes to sustainable development since it encourages a more responsible consumption.
Visiting students will be able to meet companies that promote sustainable development through their products while remaining profit-making entities. The students will also have an opportunity to enjoy an eco-fashion show. Moreover, since Reims is in the region where champagne is produced, visiting students will be introduced to organic champagne.
However, sustainable marketing does not always mean a sustainable supply chain: visiting students will be able to participate in various workshops to discuss controversial issues around sustainable marketing.

Organising Team

  • Gabrielle Le Chevalier
  • Maxime Blanc
  • Patricia Mesquita & Anna Ritschel

 Date and place:

25-28 March 2010, Reims, France