WHAT is the oikos Camp

oikos Camp is a week-long event in which students from all over the world gather together in order to develop projects related to sustainability and education.

The camp is open to students from all kind of institutions and backgrounds from undergraduates to PhD.

The aim of the oikos Camp is to support teams of young people engaged in projectsto mobilize students to transform economics and management education for a sustainable future. In doing so, it provides international teams a physical space to meet, hosts workshops with trained coaches, and it provides a platform in which to publish camp outcome

WHY does it exist?

Very few educational institutions are currently up to the task of truly preparing students for a world which will be overwhelmingly shaped by issues of sustainability. The disconnect between the needs of the future and the education of today is perhaps most visible in the disciplines of economics and management, where many of the core principles presented to students are strikingly out of touch with the basic concepts of sustainability taught in the hard sciences. This disconnect has led to an outburst of activity, as students in economics departments and business schools around the world have recognized the problem and organized themselves to question what they are being taught and search for ideas which are more applicable to the real world issues facing our generation.

The idea for oikos Camp came out of problems faced by these projects. From building a team, to creating a shared vision and strategy all the way through to publishing and finding impactful uses for the final output, so many of our teams have faced similar challenges. In particular, for international teams working remotely, trying to work collaboratively can end up taking an excessive amount of time, leading either to long timelines or rushed decision making.

Camp aims to help guide projects past these predictable bumps and blocks by providing a physical space for the teams to work collaboratively together, meeting and exchange with other students working on similar projects, and receive support and training from leaders from both oikos and our partner organizations.

WHEN does it happen?

It happens yearly, in the summer holidays.

This year, camp is happening at the end of July or beginning of August.

WHERE does it happen?

SURPRISE! The location of the Camp is never fixed as it varies every year. By this, we get the chance to discover in the most beautiful places while working!

Camp’s 2022 edition happened in Barcelona, Spain

WHY shoud I JOIN?

  • Contribute in transformation of the educative system from a bottom-up approach
  • Network with international students and experts of the fields
  • Immerse yourself in a truly multi-cultural environment for a week
  • Develop your skills and personal growth!
Camp's testimonials

I thought that really everything was great: central sessions, transversal team, food and cooking, the time we had for our project. Thank you all so much!!

I loved it and I was very grateful for the opportunity. Getting together with all these brilliant minds in such a wonderful location up in the mountains was very motivating. Loved it!

There is really only to say that we enjoyed our time at the camp very much. The chance to get together in person was insanely great – both to work together more productively but also just to experience the community. Personally, this camp and the contact with the whole oikos & Friends community made me even more bound to oikos – even though I was already completely enthusiastic about our association before.

Here are my personal thoughts. I really loved the camp, honestly. I especially liked the people that I met and, after a too long covid people, meeting people in person was amazing. Most of them – I am thinking in particular about my team members and other roommates – were super interesting and inspiring. I am generally the most sociable person, and this kind of event really does help me to improve on this. Also, my team produced a very nice and valuable piece of work, and I hope that it will lead us to continue working together – and/or with others at the camp.

Do you want to know more about the Camp?

Find more information about last Camp’s edition here: oikos Curriculum Camp 2021

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