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Literacy Mission

In order to create mass awareness, Rotary International Clubs all over India are aiming to collect one million books for one million smiles. These books would be kept in 1500 libraries under the Happy School Project.  Oikos Jamshedpur is spearheading the effort in collaboration with Prof. Sharat Sarin, Profession-Emeritus at XLRI & Chairman, Education Board of Rotaract, Jamshedpur.

Phase 1: Under the first phase of the project, the members of Oikos Jamshedpur have coordinated with more than 30 schools across the city to collect books. The members go to these schools, deliver pep-talks about the need for education as a growth driver for the nation & how this initiative will help bring education to the underprivileged students.  Our project is attuned to the mantra of TEACH (T- Teacher Support, E – e learning, A – Adult Literacy, C – Child Development, H – Happy Schools)

Phase 2: Under the second phase of the project, the members of Oikos Jamshedpur with the support from volunteers of Interact clubs in schools have started sorting the books collected into various categories on the basis of genre & language.

Phase 3: Under the third phase of the project, we are currently in talks with various public libraries as well as the government education agencies to create reading rooms in remote areas where underprivileged households don’t have access to books & education


As part of this initiative we have collected more than 30,000 books along with other accessories for the underprivileged students. The project has been widely covered by the local media with leading newspapers appreciating our efforts. This project has also received a wider audience through the promotion by the popular radio channel Red FM. The project endeavors to collect up to 50,000 books in the days to come.