oikosJoin our team: oikos International Working Groups

Join our team: oikos International Working Groups

Have you ever wondered what the oikos International work is all about?

Have you ever wanted to influence what we do?

Do you want to be a part of a diverse group at the international level?

And, above all, do you want to be the change?

This is your chance! The oikos Working Groups are looking for YOU. Come and be a part of the team!

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Alumni Working Group

Apply to become a member of the Alumni Working Group.

The purpose is to find the best way to integrate the Alumni network into the community, using a bottom-up approach. More specifically the goal is to find concrete bridges between Alumni and oikos members that will benefit everyone. We work towards creating hared & added value for both parties, strengthening individual relationships. Enabling & fostering communication between the Alumni network and the community will be one of the main subjects.

Possible operations:
● Event Coordination
● Communication
● Designing an Alumni network
● Activities implementation

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Learn more about its purpose and objectives here.

Chapter Matters Working Group

Apply to become a member of the Chapter Matters Working Group

In order to facilitate the development of chapters and individuals within the oikos Community the CMWG itself will help to build and develop each chapter and its community. This working group is going to be composed by the regional facilitators and thematic facilitators.

Possible operations:

  • Working with chapters
  • Share information and help chapters to develop their selves
  • Create content and share it with the community

Apply for Chappter Matters Working Group

German Regional Facilitator position is open for applications at the moment.

Find out more about German Regional Facilitator Position

Learn more about its purpose and objectives here.

Marketing and Communications Working Group

Apply to become a member of the Marketing and Communications Working Group. 

The purpose of this working group is to monitor, improve and execute oikos international communications through all platforms, extending from digital to print. Our goal is to be agile, changing quickly when needed and finding best practices to communicate and receive information.

Possible operations:
The list below is a mention of all responsibilities of the communications team:

  • Improve website SEO
  • Develop and submit GoogleAds
  • Designing promotional items for digital purposes
  • Developing and executing the creation of ‘swag’, accessible to all international members
  • Always searching for communication improvement through data analysis and survey
  • development for both international and local chapter applications
    Finding potential businesses to interview
  • Proofreading ads, blogs, etc.

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Learn more about its purpose and objectives here.

Program Development Working Group

Apply to become a member of the Program Development Working Group. 

Management of all oikos international Programs and Impact Evaluation

Possible operations:

  • Working as interfaces between programs and organizational domains (eg. marketing,
    fundraising, strategy, etc.)
  • Implement the impact evaluation to ensure the meaningfulness of the programs
  • Support program manager and work within the projects

Apply for Program Development Working Group

Learn more about its purpose and objectives here.

Fundraising Working Group

Apply to become a member of the oikos Fundraising Working Group. 

The purpose of the working group is to develop a strategy to tap into the following opportunities:
– Reach a donation of CHF 300.000 per year or more to cover every project,
– figure out alternative fundraising approaches and
– implement a donor relationship management system.

Possible roles:
– Donor Relationship Management
– Donor research
– Alternative Fundraising (Crowdfunding, Regional meetings)

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Learn more about its purpose and objectives here.

You will get a chance to work with an international team, gain new skills in project development, fundraising, networking, and communications and meet inspiring peers and professionals along the way. Remember: for us, motivation counts more than experience.

Application for FutureLab Organizing Team, Fundraising Working Groups and Strategy Working Group are now closed.

If you have any questions regarding Working Groups write to