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About Us

We realize that as future managers, we play an integral role in reversing the trend of following unsustainable practices for economic growth. Also, with the absence of stringent rules and regulations in India, it increases the need for an organization that can spread the message of sustainable best practices to students of other leading institutions in the country, and contribute as change agents.
The idea of coming together to take such an initiative came up when we were discussing our institute’s plans to increase the student intake by more than 50% over a three year period. This entails vast expansion in infrastructure and up-gradation of existing facilities. With limited land resources and increased expenditure on waste management, this project offers an opportunity to integrate expansion with sustainable development. We have been involved in environmental and social activities, both academically and in our past professional experience. Some of us have even published papers on sustainability, green initiatives and closed waste supply chain models.
We as a group, in collaboration with oikos International, aim to catalyze holistic and systemic approach to economic and environmental management in a way that integrates all stakeholders. Oikos has immense experience in creating and supporting such organizations in various countries. Partnering with oikos will not only enable us to gain from their experience and create a strong foundation for our program, but will also bring together two pioneering organizations in their respective fields. Being a leader of management education in India, we hope to use our knowledge and expertise to spread the vision of sustainable best practices to other institution and cities across India.
Let’s make a difference !!!

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