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oikos Kumasi is one of the leading student organizations regarding the topic of sustainable business.  We empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through a rich portfolio of projects.  We believe that social, ecological and economic sustainability belong together and are essential elements for a better tomorrow.  Therefore we try to reach as many students as possible and make sustainability a constant companion in their future decisions.

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04 August 2017 | Chapter-News

The president of oikos Kumasi (Mr. Cosmos Yaw Addor) has informed the oikos Kumasi members about his decision to step down as the president of oikos Kumasi by the end of October 2017. He explained his decision by... »

13 January 2017 | Chapter-News

Click on the following link for more information: http://nbs.net/fora/topic/call-chapters-sustainable-real-estate/... »

12 September 2016 | Chapter-News

A power point presentation by Dr Ivan Muanah of KATH on 19TH  August, 2016 Waste management has been a critical issue in Ghana that needs urgent measures to avert the situation for the better. oikos Kumasi with the... »

12 September 2016 | Chapter-News

 A round table discussion held on 13th June, 2016 by oikos Kumasi Venue: SBOSD Lecture Hall. Moderator: Dr Yusif Participants: 45 Dr. Yusif, the moderator whet the appetite of the participants by charging members present to see beyond... »

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