LEAP Researchers 2022

The LEAP Researchers is about joint personal and professional learning with like-minded early career researchers from around the world, individual coaching, and an opportunity to support student-driven sustainability projects. The programme is aimed mainly at Master’s students, Ph.D. students, or postdoctoral researchers who address sustainability challenges in their research and/or teaching and who have a high motivation to develop personally and professionally. The vision of an economic system that respects ecosystem limits and serves society should be close to participants’ minds and hearts. The majority of participants have economics and/or business background, however, participants from other fields are also welcome since we highly value diversity in knowledge and experience. 

LEAP Researchers 2022 in a Nutshell

  • 9 months leadership development program for 10 to 15 early career researchers
  • monthly group online sessions tailored to participants’ needs, personal development themes alternate professional ones
  • monthly individual coaching and peer group coaching
  • practicing through supporting university students in their projects
  • time commitment: 4-5 hours per month

LEAP Researchers 2022

Julia LoderJulia LoderUniversity of St.GallenInternational Affairs and Political Economy

Frederik MaibaumFrederik MaibaumLeibniz University HannoverManagement

Johanna MattssonJohanna MattssonMälardalen UniversityIndustrial Economics and Organization

Joshua RosenbergJoshua RosenbergSorbonne UniversitéEconomics

Janet RasaeiJanet RasaeiKarlstad UniversityBusiness Administration with Specialization in Accounting

Stefan T. SiegelStefan T. SiegelUniversity of St.GallenEducation

Lilia YangLilia YangUniversity of GrazSocial & Economics Studies

Bishnu Charan ParidaBishnu Charan ParidaICFAI University JharkhandManagement

Sabrina MilliSabrina MilliUniversity of St. GallenInternational Affairs

Joao Pedro Loureiro BragaJoao Pedro Loureiro BragaFederal University of Rio de JaneiroDevelopment economics

Julian MeckfesselJulian MeckfesselLeibniz University HanoverBusiness Administration

Stephan StuckmannStephan StuckmannUniversity Duisburg-EssenSocio-Economics

Giuliana LongworthGiuliana LongworthUniversitat Ramon Llul, BarcelonaSocial sciences

LEAP Researchers Team 2022

The LEAP Researchers programme is coordianted by the programme manager and taken care of by the programme guiding team.

LEAP Researchers Coaches 2022

The coaches are crucial element of this programme. We are grateful for their dedication, energy and attention they give to each programme participant. 

About the Programme

Why do we run the LEAP Researchers programme?

Many Early Career Researchers find it difficult to pursue innovative, out of the box research addressing urgent sustainability challenges, especially in the fields of economics and management. During their PhD studies, they often lack personal and professional support, not only when it comes to their own projects. They struggle to embrace their role of educators and often face the dominance of traditional theories and education methods at their institutions. This is why in 2020, we launched a pilot project of our leadership programme called LEAP Researchers with 12 early career researchers, aiming to address these challenges.

We aim at turning this pilot project into a successful program with long-lasting effects on future professors and researchers participating.

The LEAP Researchers aims to empower academics, helping them reach their full potential in personal development, while fulfilling the mission of transforming economics and management education for sustainability. The program focuses on participants’ personal development, alongside providing support in the field of research and teaching. It helps shape their perspective on changes in economics and management education required to face the global challenges. And allows them better understand their role in pushing these changes by becoming well informed, reflective, and purpose-driven change agents. With this program we intend to contribute to designing an economic system that allows both the Planet and people to thrive.

What does LEAP Researchers bring to its participants?

  • Connection and joint learning with like minded early career researchers from around the world which is tailored to your needs and wishes. The group will shape their own learning process. Monthly online meetings will alternate personal development sessions with professional training, and 4 days onsite summer meeting in July or August is planned. 
  • You will get monthly individual coaching and a possibility to join a peer coaching group. Every participant will be connected with a coach, who will be there for them to support their individual development. 
  • You will be invited to practice what you learn and further develop through supporting university students in their projects. Most of these projects of oikos student community aim at embedding sustainability in the core of economics and business education. (Examples:  student driven curricula reviews, courses co-creation, campaigning, raising awareness on sustainability, etc.)

Who is welcome to join? What is the time commitment?

The programme is aimed mainly at Masters students, Ph.D. students, or postdoctoral researchers who address sustainability challenges in their research and/or teaching and who have a high motivation to develop personally and professionally. The vision of economics and management education which contributes to an economic system that respects ecosystem limits and serves society should be close to participants’ minds and hearts. The majority of participants will have an economics and/or business background, however participants from other fields are also welcome – diversity in knowledge and experience has been highly appreciated by the first pilot group. Therefore we open the programme to participants from other disciplines as well as to more senior participants. Participation is free of charge.

Time commitment: 4-5 hours per month from March 2022 to December 2022

QUESTIONS? Write to lenka.kepkova@oikos-international.org

LEAP Researchers 2020

The 9-month pilot project with 12 early career researchers started in September 2020, and it focused on the element of self-development and experiential learning.

The track aimed
1) to develop a community of early career researchers who are willing to develop their leadership, teaching, and research skills
2) to create & cultivate a culture of cooperation with shared values.
3) to allow practicing the acquired competencies by coaching university students on curriculum reform.

In 2020 and 2021, these 12 researchers had monthly meetings alternating personal and professional topics. Topics such as getting to know their strengths, art of convening, and social media and research were covered. All participants had a 1:1 coach and a possibility to interact with each other in a peer to peer group. This pilot project was concluded in June 2021.

We aim at turning this pilot project into a successful program with long-lasting effects on future professors and researchers participating. If you are interested for more information or collaboration, please contact Lenka Kepkova: lenka.kepkova@oikos-international.org


Nicolás AguilaNicolás Aguilaoikos InternationalCurriculum Change Manager

Tabea BereutherTabea BereutherUniversity of St.GallenParticipant

Oliver BraunschweigOliver BraunschweigThe New School, New YorkParticipant

Clara Lea Dallaire-FortierClara Lea Dallaire-FortierLund UniversityParticipant

Ádám KerényiÁdám KerényiInstitute of World Economics, BudapestParticipant

Jakob KnaufJakob KnaufUniversity of St.GallenParticipant

Sarah MartinSarah MartinHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, LiepzigParticipant

Mariam PatsatsiaMariam PatsatsiaUniversity of BremenParticipant

Lennart ReymannLennart ReymannPolytechnische Schule Im Zentrum, ViennaParticipant

Florian RommelFlorian RommelCusanus UniversityParticipant

Magdalena RuschMagdalena RuschUniversity of GrazParticipant

Lea TrogrlicLea TrogrlicEcole polytechnique fédérale de LausanneParticipant

“I really enjoyed being part of this program as it helped me to reflect on my personal values and strengths and supported me how to use them in my private and professional life. The program with its diverse people and topics was a great source of inspiration for current and future projects and personal developments. Thanks a lot, to oikos international and the entire LEAP researcher’s track cohort for making the nine months such an exciting joint learning experience.” 

– Tabea Bereuther

“It was a pleasure to get to know fellow oikees from so many different places and to explore with them the meaning and practice of our research in the LEAP Researchers’ Track. The self-led group process, the small-group discussions, and the individual coaching reinforced each other and contributed to the success of this program. It inspired my academic work and opened up new perspectives. I was always looking forward to our next meeting in which we reflected on our goals, approaches, and strengths, brought together by the ideals of support for each other, open-mindedness, and care for sustainability.”

– Oliver Braunschweig

“The LEAP researcher’s track has helped me to set the stage for my PhD in the very beginning. The programme has helped me to identify and set up the environment I need to thrive in. Additionally, I gained insights of how to apply hands-on tools to improve my way of working. All in all, I can only recommend this programme to everyone who embarks on the PhD journey.”

– Lea Trogrlic

“The LEAP Researchers’ Track has really boosted my personal development in research and teaching. Monthly meetings, 1:1 coaching, and advising university students on curriculum reform are just a few examples of this program where participants can create real impact towards greater sustainability.”

– Jakob Knauf

“The oikos LEAP researcher’s track was a thought-provoking and creative journey that inspired me in many different ways. It is a great leadership program that offers space for dialogue, co-creation, and personal development. For me, it was an excellent place to connect with like-minded people and explore new ideas together. I am very grateful for all the insightful sessions about leadership, coaching, sustainability (e.g., in higher education), and research topics during the last 9 months.”

– Magdalena Rusch