Many Early Career Researchers are finding it hard to face the environmental and social challenges of today, as only few educational institutions address them, hence finding themselves unprepared, lacking both personal and professional support. This is why in 2020, we launched a pilot program of the LEAP Researchers’ Track with 12 earlier career researchers, aiming to address these challenges. The LEAP Research Track therefore aims to empower academics, helping them reach their full potential in personal development, while fulfilling the mission of transforming economics and management education.

The program focuses on participants’ personal development, alongside providing support in the field of research and teaching. It helps shape their perspective on changes in economics and management education required to face the challenges and better understand their role in pushing these changes by becoming well informed, reflective, and purpose-driven change agents. We intend to contribute to designing an economic system that allows both the Planet and people to prosper. 

Research Track 2020

The 9-month program with 12 earlier career researchers started in September, and it focuses on the element of self-development and experiential learning. 

The track  aims

1) to develop a community of earlier career researchers who are willing to develop their leadership, teaching, and research skills 

2) to create & cultivate a culture of cooperation with shared values. 

3) to allow practicing the acquired competencies by coaching university students on curriculum reform.

In 2020, these 12 researchers had monthly meetings alternating personal and professional topics. Topics such as getting to know their strengths, art of convening, and social media and research were covered in 2020. All participants have a 1:1 coach and a possibility to interact with each other in a peer to peer group. This program will run until June 2021.

We aim at turning this pilot program into a successful project with long-lasting effects on future professors and researchers participating.