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    oikos Lund is always looking for people interested in sustainable economics and management to help develop the organization into a real game-changer at Lund University. We aim to spread knowledge regarding sustainability on a small and large scale, but to do so, we need motivated students to join oikos Lund! The modus aperandi within oikos Lund is CREATIVITY – we are an organisation that operates on being professional, but we also never stop looking for newer and better ways of doing things. If you have ideas, we want them. If you just want to help out, great!

    Interested in oikos’ message of sustainability and want to become involved in our innovative student organisation? Sign up for one of our four committees today, or join as a general member of oikos Lund and get involved at our events!

    For further information send us a message on our Facebook page, or send us an email at: president@oikos-lund.org