oikos LuxembourgActivities

Awards program

The Awards program is a competition between the most innovative and practical projects of students to make their everyday life more sustainable (ressource saving, waste reduction... »

Recycling campaign

The recycling campaign integrates all sorts of activites carried out within the universities insititutions to promote recycling practices. We distribute information brochures and... »

Field trips

Each semester, the organise field trips in Luxembourg which are open to all students (limited number of participants). In the previous semester, we visited a nature park and an... »

Sustainable breakfast

In the beginning of each semester, we host a “Sustainable Breakfast” in the university’s mainbuilding. Students and staff come by to buy ecological, mostly regional food and... »

Debates “oikos.forum”

This semester, we will host our first discussion together with an other student organization. It will be about the opportunities offered by the capability approach to assess... »

GRI Assessment of the university

After one semester of preparation, members of our organisation are lunching the first GRI assessment of the University of Luxembourg. »

Student Cafe “Minett” header

A place that breathes life into the new campus, for all people to enjoy, meet, and work!
As you might know, the university is (supposedly) soon moving to Belval. We... »