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08 January 2014 | Chapter-News

oikos witten herdecke is hosting a winter school on post growth concepts, MUY INTERESSANTE! check it out and let me know if you'd like to go (Jan is thinking about it).
What is next year’s topic?

The programme will be conducted around the question ‟What is
change?”. You will explore different ideas of change with a main
focus on Green Economy and Post-Growth society.
During the conference the sustainable topics of Energy,
(Social) Entrepreneurship and Finance are discussed. Moreover,
there will be a focus on group dynamics to create an intense and
creative working atmosphere amongst the participants to enable you
to work on your own projects. The programme will take place at
two different places, be accompanied by international speakers and
a diverse social programme will be provided including field trips.
Another highlight will be the Impact Day for that we will invite
high-school students as well as citizens to create an interaction
between the participants and the region you will be staying in.
When, where, what? 21st of February – 2nd of March 2014
in the Museumsherberge Lindlar,
as well as at Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

The participation fees of 300 € include:
- Board and lodging
- Transfer from Köln Bonn Airport to Lindlar and from Lindlar to
- Fieldtrips
Who are the speakers? (Selection:)
- Institute for Social Banking (Julian Kühn)
- Premium-Cola (Uwe Lübbemann)
- Ashoka (Christin Heuer)
- Wachstumswende (Andreas Siemoneit)
- Fairnopoly (Daniela Gentner)
- Investinlife (Christian Feige)
Can you create a change? Most definitely! You will receive a booklet after the oWS is over
that compares the different topics and projects before and after the
programme concerning the input, opportunities and ideas gained. It
shall enable you to remember the influence of the oWS to create a
lifelong awareness of sustainability and change in developing your
own project.
How to apply? If you like to apply for the 10th oikos Winter School programme
you should complete the following tasks:
– fill in the application form on the homepage
– write an essay (approx. 500 – 1000 words) about your
expectations of the oWS as stated in the application form
Got interested? For further information please take a look at our website:
Or contact: Eva Costard (eva.costard@oikos-winterschool.org)
Application deadline: 15th January 2014