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Marij Vullinghs


Marij Vullinghs has a broad background. She holds a bachelor degree in Public Policy Administration (Technical University Twente, The Netherlands), a master degree in Dutch Law (Leiden University, The Netherlands) and an MBA from New York University at Buffalo, NY, USA.  For four years she had been working with Citicorp in Buffalo and Tampa, Fl, USA before joining A.T. Kearney (strategic consulting) in Amsterdam. From ’91 – ’95, she was a senior change management consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in The Hague and Brussels. During that time she mostly worked for government departments to help them become more efficient and effective. In addition, she was responsible for the training of (young) consultants in change management aspects. Since ’96 she was 'her own consulting firm'. In hindsight, she has developed over time from a knowledgeable expert advisor to a facilitator of complex development processes of diverse organizations. She makes people aware of the choices they make and contribute to a way of working and living together in which ‘head, heart and hands’ are more connected again. Marij Vullinghs is convinced that this contributes to making more conscious sustainable choices. Right now, Marij and her partner  also owns a small eco-concept store in Maastricht 'Vleugels &  Teugels'. Their business  invites people to become more conscious about the consumer-choices they make.


1.   What is Your relation to oikos? Why did You become an advisor of Oikos Maastricht?

I came in contact with oikos students while working together on the Good & Green Guide Holland, collecting data for the Maastricht part of this guide. I was touched by the enthusiasm, drive and sense of responsibility of these students, and their desire to truly contribute to a more sustainable world. When I was asked to become an advisor I felt honored to be able to share my knowledge, experience and dreams with young people that are so eager to learn about (what they call) “the world of sustainability’.


2.    In which areas can You support oikos best?

I have lots of experience in helping organizations (profit and non-profit) define what they want to focus on (mission, vision, strategy) and in helping them to make steps in the desired direction and learn from what they encounter. I have coached senior management teams providing assistance in determining opportunities and pitfalls. Thus, I may help raise enthusiasm and assist people dealing with management issues. I imagine I can be a sounding board and sparring partner for oikos, on both a strategic and practical level. I may be able to help you develop an oikos consult that may be of value for students, the University and Maastricht alike. I could act as a mentor for individual oikos (board- and project) members if they would want so or act as sounding board for particular oikos projects.


3.    To which networks, companies and persons do You have good contacts?

I know many people in the Maastricht (business) community and municipality and beyond. If needed, I could assist you in finding the best route to get in touch with certain people or ask contacts for suggestions.

4.    Which topics of sustainability do You find most interesting?

First of all: to me, ‘sustainability’ pertains to more than ‘green’ choices and should be looked at in a more integral way. I like to use the Brundtland definition ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ and the ideas on finding reconciliation between People, Planet and Profit. Given my background and personality I feel connected to raising the awareness it is necessary and possible to make more conscious and sustainable choices in an integral way.