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Prof. Dr. Harry Hummels (Maastricht University)

Harry Hummels is Professor of Ethics, Organisations and Society at Maastricht University. He has written on subjects like Mission Related Investing, Responsible Investing, Corporate Responsibility, Organizational Ethics and the Philosophy of Work. He is a fellow of the university’s European Centre for Corporate Engagement (ECCE) and associated with the Initiative for Responsible Investments at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.


In addition to his work at the university, Harry is managing director of SNS Impact Investing. He shares this job with his friend Theo Brouwers, with whom he co-managed ING Bank Sustainable Investments between 1999 and 2006 and sat on the executive board of SNS Asset Management between 2006 and 2011. Also, Harry is vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of Pluryn, a large institution for the physically and mentally disabled.




1)   What is your relation to oikos? Why did you become an advisor to oikos Maastricht?

In 2010 I was approached by the founders of oikos Maastricht. From then on I have been advising the local chapter in Maastricht, meaning that I have been supporting the team of oikos Maastricht since the very beginning. What led to my engagement? I really appreciate the active character of the organization. I endorse oikos because it is a platform that brings interested student together for a joint agenda. I also like the fact that it intends to address students at the School of Business and Economics. As an advisor I find it important to support oikos as much as I can.


2)   In which areas can you support oikos best?

I am already intensively supporting the oikos Research Team project. In general, I can help oikos Maastricht by giving advice regarding projects, strategy and operations, as well as by providing a network to advance project implementation.


3)   To which networks, companies and persons do you have good contacts?

I can link oikos to the European Business Ethics Network, the European Academy for Business and Society (EABS), as well as to the Global impact investing network. Moreover, I have contacts with CSR Europe and with international corporations, especially in the financial sector, such as ING or Rabobank.


4)   Which topics of sustainability do you find most interesting?

I find the topic of the sustainability of the economic system most interesting. We are facing limits of the economic system and the way how resources (natural, human and capital) are employed and treated need to be reconsidered. Moreover, I find it crucial to consider the integrity of the social, economical and environmental systems. In my opinion too much focus is put on traditional ways of facing these limits and it is important to integrate other cultures and religions into these considerations.