oikos MaastrichtProjects

oikos Fashion

oikos Fashion is the knowledge sharing platform for sustainable apparel and textile industry practices within oikos International. »

Eco-Map Maastricht

An internationally succesful project. The city of Maastricht is now represented on a digital map featuring sustainable grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafés, clothing shops,... »

oikos Invest

Join this investment club! Focus on long-term growth potential of sustainable stocks and companies across various industry sectors by realising a sustainable investment portfolio. »

oikos Consult

Join a group of enthusiastic and talented students that specialize in advising small companies (includ. bars, ecc.), developing their business in a more sustainable way. »

oikos Lectures

This is a dormant project, we are looking for leaders or members! »

STEP (Sustainable Gym)

Help UM Sports become the first Academic Gym in Europe to possess machines that generate electricity during your workout! For a sustainable and healthy future! »

Green Guide Maastricht

The ‘oikos Green Guide’ is a collection of information material and practical tips that will help students and the citizens of Maastricht to design their life in a sustainable... »

oikos Debates

In collaboration with other student organization of Maastricht, we organise debates throughout the year. »

Sustainability SBE Course

oikos Maastricht advices Prof. Wegberg on the incorporation of local sustainability projects in his business course. »