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perma-trade Wassertechnik invited oikos consult to study the production process of one of their products and asked for advice on recycling processes, administration and transport solutions. Issues such as the unattractiveness for the consumer to send back recyclable parts of the product, the optimization of transportation, storing and market-ing were addressed.


In the world of competing global industries, economically viable and sustainable concepts of production are of vital importance. Faced with the dominance of low-cost production in East-Asian countries due to lower salaries, European companies do often not have a choice other than moving their entire production chain out to Asian factories. Small and middle-scale companies are often disadvantaged within this context since they do not have the capacities and administrative resources to move their production to Asia.

Our example of a company that tries to establish an intelligent logistical system that covers the product's entire lifecycle is an amazing example of a sustainable approach that can both from an economic and an ecological perspective outperform cheap production models that do not incorporate the product's entire lifecycle.