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Laureate 2010

The oikos Sustainability Thesis Award 2010 goes to Daniel Angehrn

Promoting energy efficient products can be challenging if these are more expensive than their less efficient counterparts. Often, consumers just do not know whether higher investment costs will be compensated over the life cycle. But which and how much information is necessary to convince them? Daniel Angehrn investigated this question in his Master's Thesis "Ecological influence of information on operating costs on investment decisions concerning heating systems", taking the example of heat pumps as opposed to other heating systems. His analysis was based on two parallel choice based conjoint surveys. He found that information on operating costs can increase the market share of heat pumps by up to 20 percent. This would lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions by 2 to 5 percent. Moreover, operating costs and CO2 emissions rank among the most important decision criteria for consumers in his survey.

You can download the complete thesis "Ecological influence of information on operating costs on investment decisions concerning heating systems" here.


DSC02257_790c67583dFor many years Daniel Angehrn is interested in environmental topics. In addition to his Bachelor studies in Business Administration at the University of Berne he completed interdisciplinary studies in general ecology. Moreover, during his exchange semester in Finland, he deepened his knowledge in environmental management. Daniel graduated from the University of St. Gallen in 2009 with an M.A. in Information, Media and Technology Management.



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