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Progress Summary September 2013

"oikos Invest aims to establish a sustainable portfolio in the near future. In fact, our six members work eagerly towards the realization by having opened a virtual portfolio a few weeks ago. Each member has got his/her own industries (e.g. waste/green building/clean tech…) and companies to supervise. Very recently the performances of the companies within the virtual portfolio have been very promising. In addition, there will be an online blog about the progress of the portfolio and news containing all various information about the development of various industries soon. The goal here is to build up an information system for external members to follow the development of the portfolio. By having presentations about macro and micro related aspects every week, we try to guarantee a constant stream of valuable and updated information. Moreover, we have just published a “Code of Conduct”, not only for members to keep in mind, but also for new members to follow the project and get to know how oikos Invest works. Last but not least, as the topic of the Spring Meeting revolved around investing sustainably, we are trying to integrate our project as much as possible."