oikos New York CityProjects

Community Lunch: Daniel Boscov-Ellen

NSSR Student, Daniel Boscov-Ellen presented "Capitalism, Imperialism and Climate Change"... »

Speaker Series: Robert Pollin

Professor Robert Pollin presented "The Green Growth Path to Climate Stabilization"... »

Documentary Screening

"Intelligent Trees", a documentary film (45 min.) about how trees communicate with each other.... »

Speaker Series: Sonali McDermid

Sonali McDermid, Professor of Environmental Studies at NYU, presented "10 billion by 2050: Achieving global food security while... »

Weekend Workshop

From Research to Practice was oikos NYC's first weekend workshop! Presentations and breakout sessions were led by Citizen's... »

Weekend Workshop

From Research to Practice was oikos NYC's first weekend workshop!... »

Community Lunch: Thijs Schippers

Parsons Strategic Design (MS) student Thijs Schippers presented "Building Sustainability Into Consumer Products"... »

Speaker Series: Duncan Foley

Economist Duncan Foley presented on the Global Warming Debate... »

Speaker Series: Alberto Minujin

Professor Alberto Minujin presented "Children in an Unequal World"... »

Community Lunch: Daniel Younessi

NSSR Economics PhD student, Daniel Younessi presented on "Sustainability and Activism: Standing Rock and the Future of Ecopolitics".... »

Community Lunch: Julia Puaschunder

NSSR Economics PhD student, Julia M. Puaschunder, presented her latest work: Mapping Climate Justice. ... »

Community Lunch: Oliver Braunschweig

NSSR Economics MA student, Oliver Braunschweig presented on "The Role of Nature in Economics"... »

Community Lunch: Amanda Novello

NSSR Economics MA student, Amanda Novello presented on "Agrarian Economies, Industrialization + Climate Change"... »

Speaker Series: Timon McPhearson

Professor Timon McPhearson presented: Anthropocene Thinking, The Great Urban Acceleration and Climate Resilience in Cities... »

Community Lunch: Güney Isikara & Marjan Fadavi

NSSR Economics PhD students, Güney Isikara & Marjan Fadavi discussed The New School's efforts to divest from fossil... »

Speaker Series: Heikki Holmås

Norwegian MP Heikki Holmås presented "Norway Introduces Electric"... »

Speaker Series: Barry Herman

GPIA Visiting Scholar Barry Herman presented on Sovereign Debt & Social Justice... »

Community Lunch: Patrick Zeitinger

NSSR Economics MA student, Patrick Zeitinger presented on "The Commodification of Nature"... »

Speaker Series: Randall Abate

Professor Randall Abate presented "The Plight of Climate Refugees: Legal Challenges"... »

Community Lunch: Julia Puaschunder

NSSR Economics PhD Student, Julia Puaschunder presented on “Intergenerational Justice: Climate Change Burden Sharing”... »

Speaker Series: Willi Semmler

NSSR Professor Willi Semmler presented on "Trends in Ecological Economics: SCEPA"... »

Speaker Series: Christopher London

Professor Christopher London presented on “Social Ethics, Landscapes, and Economic Well-Being in Colombian Coffee Farming”... »