November 22

oikos Asian meeting is an annual event of oikos hosted by different chapters of the Asian region. This year all the Asian chapters have joined to organize a unique online Asian Meeting. The objective of the oikos Asian Regional Meeting 2020 is to gather an international community of oikos members, university students and partners with the aim to share ideas about different perspectives and future challenges leaders may face. The Meeting is going to be held online and it is organized by all the chapters of the region. 

With the name “Challenges for leaders of sustainable initiatives” the event will focus on entrepreneurial and education aspects of Asian region and in the world. The Meeting will host participants online to share, discuss and learn from each other. It is open to local students and for active and alumni members of chapters from the region and beyond.

Despite its prominence in today’s discourse, the word “sustainability” can provoke an eye-roll from corporate innovation leaders. However, numerous stakeholders, investors, customers, and employees have begun to demand sustainability, showing that this is a lasting trend. With the 2020 worldwide pandemic Scientific’s, government and businesses have tried to reinvent our society and find new solutions. 2020 is the year of rethinking and reconsidering many things, it is time for big and small institutes to upgrade their actions through more sustainable ways. But which are the challenges of tomorrow’s leaders? 

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